Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fashion: What to Wear When You're Being Attacked by a Dalek

When we went to the EMP, my favorite exhibit was the Icons of Science Fiction exhibit.  And my favorite part of the science fiction exhibit was that they had a Dalek!  For those of you who don't watch Doctor Who, a Dalek is one of the many bad guys from that show.  So I present to you What to Wear when Being Attacked by a Dalek.

There are times in life where you will be happily minding your own business.
Then you might turn a corner and be confronted by a Dalek.

As any Doctor's companion knows, it is important to look stylish at all times.
I accomplished this by wearing my new (to me) thrifted blazer over a ruffled blouse,
with black skinny jeans with studded pockets and blue floral printed flats.
Smile uneasily when you notice the Dalek so it thinks you aren't afraid.

Make a resolved face.  (Not pictured: Scream "No one is going to die today!"
Defeat the Dalek with the perfect combination of biting wit, expert cunning, and a little bit of luck.
Hope that you're a main character so you'll survive.  After defeating the Dalek, celebrate with a snack of fish fingers and custard.)

Also not pictured: my shoes.

So that's how I got attacked by a Dalek, but then defeated it and lived to see the rest of the exibits, all while stylishly dressed.

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  1. Oooh, it's an old Imperial Dalek! There are so many daleks like this around the UK, there's even one in the nearest comics shop to me. Although the white and gold ones are more unusual. Well done on defeating the dalek. And you didn't have to tweet me the link because I always read your blog anyway!


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