Thursday, August 30, 2012

Product Review: Julep Nail Polish

I am a very lazy person when it comes to doing my nails.  I usually have lots of important stuff to do like looking for a job and making jewelry, so I don't do my nails that often.  I finally took the time to paint my nails the other day after not having them painted for about a month.  I got a really great deal on Julep nail polish quite a few months ago.  Julep nail polish is a brand where you take a quiz and then they tell you which polish box goes best with your results.  The thing is that it's usually really expensive, like more than I like to pay for shoes (keep in mind that I buy my shoes from thrift stores), but one of the bloggers I follow shared a code to get it for super cheap.  I don't remember how cheap because I got it four or more months ago and foolishly didn't write it down.  The polish arrived and there were three shades plus a milk chocolate bar.  It came in really pretty packaging, which of course I didn't photograph.  The chocolate was really tasty.  I didn't use any of the polish until this week.  I received Rachel, Meryl, and a gold glitter shade that I sold at my yard sale.  I used the Meryl shade on my fingernails and Rachel on my toes.  Meryl is a gray shade, a darker gray with a shiny finish.  I really like the color.  It's an interesting change from the usual bright colors I use.  The gray makes me feel more like a rock star, which may sound silly, but I don't care.  The Rachel looks sort of red in the bottle, but when it dries it's sort of a chocolate brown shade with a copper-ish shimmer.  I like it a lot too.  The polish is super fast drying.  My left hand was literally dry by the time I got done painting my right hand.  I usually don't paint my nails because it takes so long to dry and then I mess up my nails by trying to do stuff like type or text too soon.  I can't really comment on how long it lasts without chipping, because I was too lazy to do a top coat to protect it.  It did last for a whole day before chipping, which is better than my normal cheap drug store nail polish.  Here is a photo of Meryl.  I didn't take a photo of Rachel, because there are people with foot fetishes on the internet and I don't want to give them a better reason to be on my blog.

Yeah I know I didn't do a good job but I don't care.

Overall I give Julep polish 4 stars out of 5.  For the price, you expect a really great polish and that's what you get.  However I would not personally pay for it at full price, not even for the awesome chocolate.

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