Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Place Where I Live

When I got back my repaired Nikon, my building manager insisted that I take a picture of him to put on my blog.  It turns out that taking a picture of someone at night when they can't see them can have some interesting results.  I swear he isn't as scary as he looks in these pictures.

on the left is the street full of huge and fancy frat houses and on the right you can see a tiny bit of our porch
Also, do you see those chairs up on the roof of the house across the street? Drunk frat boys and sorority girls sit in those and tan.
I'm really surprised that nobody has fallen off the roof yet.

Note: I'm at G's best friend's wedding this weekend, so there will be no Friday post.

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  1. He looks so cute like santa without d outfit


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