Monday, November 28, 2011

Annoyances and Plans for Today

First off, I would like to welcome my 22nd follower, Miss Sassy Pants from A Few French Fries Short of a Happy Meal.  She's great not only because she alleviated my OCD from having an odd number of followers, but also because she comments regularly on my blog and writes a pretty awesome blog herself.  There's a post about her calling the police when she thought the zombie apocalypse was happening, guys.  I'm so following.

I would write an entire post on how much DSHS's phone system sucks, but they give me free money, so I'll just complain a little bit (and by a little bit, I mean a lot).  For those of you lucky enough to not know what DSHS is, it stands for Department of Social and Health Services.  It's where us poor people get food stamps and medical assistance from.  Right now I only get food stamps, and I applied a few months ago for medical assistance.  They supposedly sent me a letter that I never received asking for copies of my bank statements and a bunch of other stuff I don't have because I'm poor, such as car insurance and proof of assets.  I never got this letter, but I did get the letter saying they were denying me medical help because I never sent them that stuff.  I immediately printed off my bank statements for the time period they asked for and mailed them with a letter explaining that I had never received the initial request.  They never responded.  I gave them a whole month.  So then I called them.  Or rather, I attempted to call them.  You may remember when I was trying to get food stamps and ended up eating rice sandwiches for a week because their phone system totally sucks and I couldn't reach them.  Well, it took me about a week of continuous calling to reach them again.  It's weird because if you want to talk to an actual person, you usually get a message saying that all of their operators are busy and to try again later, and then the phone system automatically hangs up on you.  Well, the one time that I actually got put on hold, I managed to talk with them.  They were very good about it after I explained the situation and told me they would make it top priority to re-evaluate my case.  Two weeks later, I still haven't heard back, so I am trying to contact them again.  Let's hope it doesn't take a week this time.

In other news, today I am going to mail the skirt to the person who bought it from me on eBay, and then I am going to Rite Aid to get some clear Christmas lights for my room and possibly random other stuff.  I still have $50 from my bank, after all.  And then I'll come back and hang the lights, and string a ribbon through my mask to hang it with, and make my jewelry organizer, and then my room will be decorated to my liking.  And then, if I still feel like it, I'll dye my hair, because my roots are showing and it bugs me.

Until we meet again, enjoy this cozy winter outfit and enter my giveaway.

Keeping Cozy

Keeping Cozy by jaythejedi featuring sequin beret hats

I want some sweater tights right now!

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