Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 20th Follower to Me

You guys, I did it! I got 20 followers by my 20th birthday! Everybody please give a warm welcome to follower #20, Tiffany from Omg Wtf?!  Her blog is hilarious, so if you're in need of a good laugh, I would direct you there, unless you tend to be shocked and appalled by big kid words.  Her blog comes with a parental advisory.  But if you're willing to put on your big kid pants and realize they're just words, head on over there and take a read, then follow.

Hi there, Tiffany.  Thanks for following my blog.  I really appreciate it.  I apologize since you came at sort of a weird time when I'm depressed.  But hopefully soon, I'll be back to my old self.  For some reason, your RSS feed isn't updating in my blogroll : (  Things you should know about this blog are that I write about just about anything that crosses my mind ever.  Sometimes I vent here and probably nobody really reads those posts, but it's mostly for my own benefit.  I like sentence fragments.  More people get here by googling some sort of search query involving pandas than anything else.  I'm a college dropout who is currently on food stamps, but that's not what defines me.  I'm a huge nerd and I just got into Doctor Who.  I love to watch movies and often review them on here.  I am also sort of a fashionaholic, which consists a lot more of looking at it online and not being able to afford it than anything else.  I am going to be a graphic designer.  So that's pretty much everything you need to know about me.  If you get lost or confused, talk to Lauren or The Tsaritsa.  They've been here the longest and they've helped me get through some tough times.  Enjoy your stay and thanks for flying Air Jedi, or something like that.


  1. Happy 20 followers to youuuu! And thanks for the shout-out! <3

  2. Blogger hates me. Everytime I've tried to leave a comment here, it tells me NO. Seriously. NO. Anyhow, thank so much for mentioning me! I'm sorry you're going through a tough time, I've def been there before. Too much. I find it helps at least there's something positive...perhaps...and in the end you'll be stronger for it. Ew, I sound like a greeting card. But it's true :)

  3. Blooger can be really temperamental. I find that threats work better to get Blogger to do what you want than promises of virtual cupcakes. I got over my depressed feelings now. It really helped for my boyfriend to be so sweet and encouraging. It's hard to believe you're a failure when you have someone telling you at least 10 times a day that you'll be successful in whatever you decide to do. He's amazing, but anyway, I like to welcome all my new followers and I'm back to my old annoyingly optimistic self once more. I plan to have a welcome page for new followers at some point, but I haven't got around to that yet.


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