Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dollar Tree/ Bookstore Haul

So my shopping trip yesterday didn't go exactly as planned.  The store I sell my books to isn't buying books this week because it's Thanksgiving week.  The store I want to sell my CDs and DVDs to just bought a bunch of CDs and doesn't have money to buy my stuff.  Then I went to Dollar Tree and got everything I wanted from there, but my reward card from my bank was declined.  I purchased the stuff anyway, since it was 5 nice looking picture frames and one nice piece of wall art for a total of $6.

the frames and art

You can't read it but it says, "Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by
the moments that take your breath away." It's one of my favorite quotes.
So I have to call and figure out if I need to activate the reward card or what.  On the bright side of that, I still have the full $50 to spend on my fairy lights for my room and on stuff from Goodwill.  Walgreens is selling the lights I want for $4, so I get to buy $46 dollars worth of clothes from Goodwill sometime soon.  That's practically enough for a new wardrobe! I usually spend about $8 for pants and around $5 for skirts or shirts at Goodwill, so I can buy 2 pairs of pants, 5 skirts or shirts (some combination of the two), a cute scarf, and probably still have enough leftover for a pair of gloves (the one-size-fits-all kind).  When I think of it that way, I'm not bummed at all. 

In other news, the bookstore was wildly successful.  I bought a hat that doesn't go in my eyes for way more than I would normally spend, but I used my rebate, so it's like free money.  It was $20 and it's made out of alpaca fur and I love it. 

the hat
I also bought some jewelry stuff, including ribbon, hemp cord in 4 great colors, and rhinestones.

the bookstore haul
And I found the coolest paper ever to use on my earring organizer.  It's about the weight of slightly thicker tissue paper, so it will be really easy to poke earrings through.  I couldn't decide between these two, so I got both.  They were only 50 cents each! One has actual sheet music pieces made into it, and the other has shiny gold colored fibers and swirls of white fibers.  I think I'll quarter them and do a checkerboard sort of thing. I'll post pictures when I finish, of course.

the sheet music paper

the fiber paper
And in other other news, I have learned to put on my makeup quickly.  It only took five minutes to do my whole face, minus mascara and eyeliner.  I didn't feel like wearing mascara today and I suck at eyeliner so I usually don't bother.  I think it turned out pretty well.  I even did a smoky eye!  Everything on my face in this picture is e.l.f. makeup, except my foundation.  I still plan to review the makeup, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Obviously I like it enough to keep wearing it though.

the makeup and the top half of my outfit (bottom half was skinny jeans from Ross and the
brown boots from Goodwill, which turned out to be pleasantly waterproof)
camera necklace from Etsy, guitar pick skull necklace made by my awesome brother

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