Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Money

First off, I just want to inform you all that because of the review I did of A Clockwork Orange yesterday, in which I was giving a rather detailed summary of the movie, in which I used the word threesome exactly once, people are now finding my blog by searching "threesome".  So if you're here because you're looking for a story about a threesome or trying to be in a threesome, sorry but you're in the wrong place.  There are no threesomes here.

Now to the actual topic of the post.  Yes, that's right, this post actually has a topic that I intend to stick to.  You may or may not know that nearly all of my posts start out with an intended topic that I plan to stick to, but I almost inevitably veer away from the topic and ramble.  Anyway, the point of this post is that I have free money and I need to decide how to spend it.  Normally, I save my money.  My mother taught me to be frugal, and I never buy anything unless I absolutely need it, with the exception of makeup, which I still buy for the lowest price possible.  Anyway, I received this money because the savings account I opened at my bank reached a certain target amount and my bank likes to encourage people to save their money, so when it reaches this target amount, they send you a $50 card.  This card works like a credit card, except you don't have to pay back the money and you can only use it until you buy $50 worth of things with it.  The point is that I cannot put this money in my savings account, like a normally would if someone just gave me $50.  I have to spend it.  Also, the fine print says that they'll take off $2.50 every month as some sort of a fee, until I spend it all.  So I need to spend it asap, before they take off any money.  There are lots of things I could buy: clothes, nail polish strips, facial masks, jewelry. (I sound like a real girl, my boyfriend would be so proud!) But I have decided that I will buy some picture frames from Dollar Tree.  I have some art that I made and hung on my wall, securing it with pushpins hanging all the way around, not actually poking through the art itself, but over time the pictures have sagged and don't look great any more.  So I plan to buy three picture frames to put my art in, another to frame a mask I made a while ago, and one more to turn into a jewelry holder, since currently my jewelry is just in a pile on my desk.  That will end up costing about $5.  Then I want to get some clear Christmas lights to hang up in my room, because they just make me happy.  I found out that British people call them fairy lights, and that makes them sound so fantastic (In this instance, I am pretending that fantastic means fantasy-related, as well as the usual meaning.)  I have no idea how much they'll cost, but I'm going to buy extra things to make jewelry with, such as ribbons and chain, with whatever is left.  So I'm pretty excited, and I'll share a photo of my side of the room when it's finished, if it turns out how I'm picturing it in my head.

Also, this is the first post I'm trying to schedule posting for, so hopefully it works.  If you are reading this, then I guess it did.  Except it actually didn't, because I forgot to set it to a different date and time to post and didn't notice until after I posted it.  Then, when I went back and changed it, Blogger just left the post up and said that I posted it tomorrow.  So I guess I'm a time traveler now, which is actually pretty cool.  I'll be right back guys. I'm going to go kill Hitler. Okay, I'm back.

P.S. I know that typing the bit about the threesome keyword search at the top will probably increase the number of hits I get from people searching that term.  However, since this post uses the word threesome so much, they should be brought here instead of to yesterday's post and then they'll see the disclaimer about there not being threesomes here and then they'll leave without wasting too much of their time.

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