Friday, November 11, 2011

Tastes Like Christmas

One of my roommates and I went grocery shopping at Safeway this morning.  We bought a bunch of junk food and a little bit of healthy stuff.  We almost got a bag of oranges for free because there wasn't a bar code, but then the guy went and found the box with the barcode on it.  We got ice cream because we're both insane people who enjoy eating ice cream when it's cold.  I got 2 new boxes of maggot-free hot cocoa mix, at least I hope it's maggot-free.  And we got egg nog!  I'm so excited that they're selling it now.  I drank some when I got home and it tastes like Christmas : )  So I am a happy camper today.

Now I have to call DSHS and see if they ever received the information I sent them so I can get medical assistance.  And even if I have to wait on hold for one million years, I have chocolate and egg nog and ice cream, so they can't ruin my good mood.  Then I'm going to actually list my clothes for sale on eBay, for reals this time.  And G and I might be getting Little Big Planet 2 tonight.  And he planned a super fun day of awesomeness for us on Sunday that I'm really excited for.  I'll tell you about it afterward.  (If you haven't noticed, I'm taking my Prozac again.)

And you know what else? We totally made it back to our house and inside right before it started pouring rain.  That always makes me feel like a winner : )

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  1. I'll enter your giveaway! Wanna enter mine?

    Hot chocolate sounds delish right now! Have fun this weekend :)

  2. I totally would but I just got 100 free business cards, so I'm good to go. Thanks so much for entering mine though :)


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