Friday, November 18, 2011

An Epiphany

I have realized the one thing that I really want in life is to make things that people will like.  I want to make music and art and jewelry.  And I want it to make people happy to share the things I make with me.  I want people to check the mailbox every day, anticipating the arrival of the jewelry they ordered from me, for example.  In the spirit of making things, and also to inspire and motivate me, I have found some jewelry pieces that cost way more than they should, and I intend to make my own versions of them and sell them in my Etsy shop.  I was inspired by these two lovely blogs that I stumbled upon yesterday whilst wandering the interwebs, being remarkably unproductive.  The search for a job is temporarily paused.  Jewelry making will be my job, for now.

These are the necklaces that I intend to create my own versions of.

The only thing I really need to buy to start with is chain of various sizes and colors. And while I am just about broke, I can afford a bit of chain. Also, some ribbon would be nice.  I really like the look of fake pearls with chains and ribbons.

In other news, I painted my nails yesterday for the first time in just about a billion years, and they're sparkly, and it makes me smile.

I know that most bloggers take nail photos holding the bottle of polish they painted them with.
I am not most bloggers. Deal with it.
Also, this is what happens when I'm bored and online.

Well, I'm off to clean my room now, and then to make some jewelry.


  1. Cute nails! Good luck with the jewelry making :)

  2. I love feathers! I want to decorate myself with feather everyday and pretend I am Pocahontas.

  3. Well then, Miss Sassy Pants, might I direct you toward the feather earrings in my Etsy shop?


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