Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kiss and Makeup Giveaway-Closed

I promised a giveaway and it has arrived!  This giveaway was originally going to have two winners, but I thought I'd sweeten the deal a little bit and have four winners instead.  The rules are simple: to enter, you have to follow my blog and leave a comment on this post telling me what you like best about either fall or winter, as well as your email address, in case you're a winner.  For an extra entry, share my giveaway in one of your own blogposts and link to it in a comment, separate from your first comment.  I'll pick the first two winners using a random number generator, and they'll get to pick which prize they would like.  They also get to choose which two commenters on this post win the other prizes.  This giveaway ends December 5th, so there should be enough time to get more than just four people entering.  This giveaway is only for people in the US and Canada, because I am poor and that is where I can afford to mail the prizes to.

The prizes that the winners get to choose from are these.

One of these Personi lipsticks, color in picture is accurate except the pink is about two shades darker in real life, they are brand new and unopened and have Vitamin E and aloe which nourishes your lips, I wanted a good red lipstick and the 3-pack was such a good deal that I bought it and now I'm giving away the other two

this charm bracelet, I'm giving it away because I never really wear bracelets

this necklace, the butterfly looks and feels like jade but I don't think it is, I'm giving it away because it just doesn't go with my style ( I totally have a style, it's just eclectic and usually weird, and mainly consists of guitar shirts, don't judge me)

To summarize, this giveaway lasts until December 5th and is open only to residents of the US and Canada.  To enter, you MUST follow my blog and leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite thing about fall or winter and your email address.  To gain an extra optional entry, write about my giveaway on your blog and link to the post in a separate comment on this post.

Best of luck to everyone.


  1. I love Fall because of the colors of the leaves and the crispness in the air. Winter is nice, too, I like being able to curl up in bed with my kitty and enjoy the day indoors.

  2. Thanks for entering :) I love the changing leaves and curling up (minus a kitty, since I'm allergic, but I love kittens anyway, from afar) in my bed watching movies and drinking hot chocolate too.

  3. Okay, I'll enter. :)

    Fall is my favorite season! I'm not sure what the best part about fall is... maybe it's pumpkin lattes? Or the pretty leaves? Or the fact that my birthday is in the fall? I think it's some combination of those three things.

    My email address is

  4. Thanks for entering, Lauren. I love pumpkin lattes! I had one yesterday. I love pretty much anything pumpkin flavored. And the leaves are beautiful.

  5. I'll answer both! :) Email address:

    My favourite thing about fall is all the wind! When it's cool out but not yet cold yet it's just so great to walk with your hair loose on a windy day. Wind is also necessary for flying stunt kites, one of my favourite pasttimes. :)

    My favourite thing about winter is tobogganning. We've got an awesome hill here near my University, the thing is massive! My vehicle of choice is a flying saucer; I kneel on it with my legs splayed for great speed, balance and shock absorbance. :D

  6. Thanks for entering my giveaway, Ellen. It sounds like you know how to have fun! Stunt kite flying and toboganning sound like great reasons to like fall and winter.


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