Thursday, October 27, 2011


With the changing of the seasons come changes to my blog. Did you see that nifty ad box in my blog's upper right corner? That's here to stay now.  And, depending on its success, more ad boxes might join it.  In other news, I'm going to start taking this "I'm a freelance graphic designer" thing seriously.  I ordered some business cards today, 100 of them.  There was this promotional deal where I got them for free and just had to pay shipping.  In hindsight, I should have probably made my company website first, but oh well.  So yeah, I run my own company now.  It's called Honeybee Designs and I plan to create my new website for free using Blogger, so you guys will be the first ones to know once that's up and running.  G and I are really starting to get into the holiday spirit.  Mainly because it's nearly freezing out lately, 40 degrees F.  So yesterday we bought pumpkin ice cream and ate it while cuddling under blankets watching movies.  Two movies we watched over the weekend that were both really good and are on Netflix, that you should totally watch, but I'm not going to review them properly right now, since this blogpost is going to be long enough without it, are Paper Man and Cherry.  Paper Man is one of my new favorite movies.  And Cherry is also pretty fantastic.  So watch those.

In football, the Washington Huskies got their butts thoroughly kicked by Stanford Cardinal this past weekend.  Let's just say we lost by over 30 points and leave it at that.  Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns played a game of who sucks slightly less on Sunday.  Nobody scored a touchdown, but the Browns beat the Seahawks 6-3.  Truly pathetic.  Sidenote: in my mind, today is Monday.  Because G took the week off to work on his paper for his master's degree and I've been staying at his house until today.  I helped him transcribe his entire 48 minute long video for his paper.  It took me significantly longer than 48 minutes.

The other big news is that I am going to start reselling thrift store clothing and stuff on eBay in an attempt to make some extra money.  It was G's idea, since he always marvels at the things I find for so cheap at thrift stores, and he hasn't even seen the little black dress I got on my last trip yet.  So I plan to list all of the clothing I don't wear and use whatever money I make off of that as capital to buy more stuff to resell.  I'll blog about how that goes, of course.

In other news, I received my E.L.F. order today and I'm really excited about that.  Like I said, I'll review one product from that every once in a while on here, so you can expect to see lots more pictures of me in the future. 

And last of all, I have an announcement: in my next blogpost, I will be having a giveaway with two winners, who will each receive a tube of lipstick, so watch out for that.

I hope you are all staying warm and healthy, and I'll be back again soon.

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  1. Very challenging to stay warm right now! I live in Wisconsin.

    This is where I blog about how I am trying:


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