Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Prepare for discombobulation; you have been warned.

I've been MIA for a few days.  I had the most awful migraine headache EVER for three days straight.  G was starting to get worried about me and started tossing around words like brain tumor and brain aneurysm, which started making me feel pretty worried too.  But he talked to his mom, who is a nurse, and she said it's most likely just a migraine, and if I start having other symptoms with it to see a doctor, but for now just to take some ibuprofen and try to sleep it off.  So that was Wednesday through Friday.  I felt quite a bit better on Saturday and had just the tail end of the migraine hanging on, but I took some more ibuprofen and it let go by game time.  Which was great, since I got to watch the Washington Huskies thoroughly stomp the Colorado Buffaloes 52-24.  We are now 5-1.  Washington Huskies are now a ranked team, number 22 in the AP ranking.  We take on number 7 ranked Stanford Cardinal, who has had an undefeated season so far, on Saturday.  It's certainly going to be interesting.

Now my allergies are being ridiculous, but other than that I'm feeling great.

I would like to welcome my newest blog follower, The Silver Swann.  She's really friendly and very nice, so be sure to stop by her blog and say hi, maybe enter her bracelet giveaway.  She can also be found on Etsy, which is where we first "met" one another.  She handcrafts some amazing jewelry, and you should go check out her Etsy shop as well.

And now I would like to wish a happy birthday to one of my first subscribers ever.  She's a lethal combination of writer and fashionista.  She's got looks and brains, and some super-cool tattoos.  And she writes an awesome blog.  So if you get a chance, stop by and tell her happy birthday.

Tsaritsa, I hope you're birthday is super duper fantastic and  you're surrounded by your loved ones having a great time right now (now, as in, when I'm writing it, not when you're reading it, unless you normally surround yourself with your loved ones to read blogs).  Anyway, I thought I'd go along with the theme of your dad's birthday greeting, and get you something cat-themed as well, so here's a cat playing you happy birthday.

And the last thing I want to discuss is E.L.F.  I never knew how inexpensive some of their makeup is!  I always hear people talking about their stuff and I just assume it's some sort of brand that I can't afford.  But I stumbled upon their website yesterday, and if you're poor like me, listen up.  They have all of the basic stuff you need for $1 each!  I'm not sure how great the quality of some of it is, but I know that it's been in different magazines and stuff.  Anyway, I ordered a bunch of stuff, since they sent me a code for $10 worth of $1 each products for free with a $20 or more purchase.  So I bought $36.95 worth of products, with shipping included, for $26.95, and I'll be reviewing everything once I get it.  I'm pretty excited, since at the moment my makeup collection is very small.  I only have one brush, one eyeshadow palette, three single eyeshadows, one mascara, one eyeliner, foundation, concealer, and two kinds of lip gloss.  I will be getting two different palettes, one with 60 eyeshadow colors, 20 lip colors, 3 blushes, and 2 bronzers, and the other with 20 lip colors and 28 eyeshadow colors.  That is the $20 portion of my order.  For my $1 each products, that would end up being free, I chose: a foundation brush, a blush, 3 different kinds of lip gloss, a lipstick, a mascara, an eyeliner, a foundation, and a concealer.  It should arrive in about 10 days, and then I'll review one product every time I blog.  If you visit their site right now, they have 2 really great deals going.  The first is you can get an 83-piece set that normally costs $35.00 for only $3.50, with any $25 minimum order.  The other deal is free shipping on an order of over $25.  These deals cannot be combined, however, as E.L.F. only allows one code per order.  Their site is very user-friendly, and if the inexpensive products are any good, I'll be saving lots of trips to the drugstore.  So I'll just have to wait and see if these products are any good or if the saying, "You get what you pay for" applies here.

I have an announcement: Sometime in the not-too-distant future, I'll be doing a giveaway, so be on the lookout for that.

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  1. Jay, thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful birthday greeting! I loved it <3


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