Friday, October 21, 2011

Sick of Being Sick

Hey guys, I'm still sick.  Here's proof.

poor-quality picture of me laying in bed in my pajamas

I'm sick as a dog, a very sick dog.  This morning I woke up, and changed my pajamas for different pajamas that I didn't sleep in.  The only food we have right now is cereal, so I texted my roommate to see if she can get me some more instant oatmeal and cup o noodles.  She texted back that she's busy but she texted my other roommate.  I've received no reply.  So today I will continue my sick-day tradition of watching Gremlins at least one time while I am sick.  I also plan to watch Gremlins 2, which I haven't seen yet.  I don't know how this became my tradition but it seems fitting with Halloween coming up.

As delicious as boiling water is with honey, cinnamon, and pepper, I'd much rather be healthy and drinking hot cocoa.  At least I have lots of great blogs to read to occupy my time.  Thanks for being so entertaining, everyone.

And on that note, everyone say hi to my newest follower, Chio.  I just discovered her blog, Happy Dying Sun, and it's great so you should all go check it out.  I'm off to rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Also, these are some ridiculous Halloween costumes that actually exist: sexy rubber ducky, sexy pool table, sexy Hulk Hogan (complete with mustache), sexy Freddie Krueger, sexy woodchipper, sexy Scrabble board, sexy snowman, sexy Tin Man (from The Wizard of Oz), sexy Brian from Family Guy, and sexy George Washington.  The good news is there aren't any sexy Hitler costumes (that I can find anyway), but there are children's Hitler costumes.


  1. Feel better!
    I'm sick too. Probably not as sick as you but I just seem to have a cold that will never end. Hopefully I didn't pass my germs to you through the blogosphere.

  2. Thanks, if your throat hurts you should really try the hot water with cinnamon and pepper thing. It's pretty much amazing and tastes really good too. I remember way back when I first started blogging, The Tsaritsa was sick and then I got sick and said that I caught it from her. I guess it's that time of year again though.

  3. And honey! I totally forgot the most important ingredient. Put honey in the hot water with cinnamon and pepper.

  4. Oh poor you! Sounds awful, I hope you are feeling better soon xx


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