Monday, October 3, 2011

That Football Post I Promised

Normally I watch a lot more football than I did this weekend, but this weekend was mine and G's 1 month of dating officially anniversary.  We've actually been dating for more like 3 months.  We went out to anniversary lunch at Red Robin, and had burgers and fries (I picked the place) and it was great.  Sidenote: I know that a girl's boyfriend is supposed to pay for her food and that's completely normal and everything, but I still feel weird about having him pay for stuff, like at fancy restaurants.  For example, he took me to a fancy Italian restaurant for our one-week anniversary (we had that because he knows he's my first boyfriend ever) and I was sort of really awkward the whole night because I knew it was costing him a lot of money.  Thankfully, he thinks it's cute when I'm awkward, so it was alright.  At any rate, I pick un-expensive places when he has me pick where to eat and I order just about the cheapest thing on the menu, because apparently I'm weird.  I'm not going to try to psycho-analyze any of that because this post is not for me freaking myself out or whatever.  It's for talking about the two football games that I watched this weekend.  Oh yeah, our 1 month anniversary was Saturday, so I only watched the Huskies game that day, and then it was G's niece's 5th birthday on Sunday so we went to her party and we only caught the last half of the Seahawks game, except for the fact that we both fell asleep and missed the end, but i know the score anyway.  Very very long story short, I'll only be commenting on the Huskies game this week.

And guess what? The Washington Huskies beat the Utah Utes 31-14, making them 4-1 with a bye week before playing Colorado on October 15.  The Utes had way too many turnovers and their quarterback Jordan Wynn ended up having to sit out with an injured shoulder, the shoulder of his non-throwing arm, while our quarterback Keith Price played the entire game with both of his knees injured.  Originally, the Utes had started to recruit Keith Price, but then stopped when something seemingly better came along, and Keith Price was determined to show them what they missed out on.  Their motto for the game seemed to be, "If it's not broken, don't fix it", as Keith Price continued to hand-off the ball, more often than not to Chris Polk, a key player in Saturday's game against the Utes.  Chris Polk got a first down nearly every single time he ran the ball, chalking up 189 yards on 29 carries, moving him into second place on UW's all-time rushing list.  By the 4th quarter, UW fans were saying, "We got this", while Utah fans were drowning their sorrows at the impending loss.  It was a good game, and really proved how tough Keith Price is, and I for one, am proud of the Huskies.

So guys, that was for you, despite the fact that it's probably irrelevant for everyone who reads my blog, but a promise is a promise, so there you go.  I blogged about football.

After the game, G and I danced for a while and then we had a basketball competition.  He has a little basketball hoop on his bedroom door and two small "basketballs" and we play horse occasionally.  On this particular occasion, we made a bet which I was sure I would lose, since I was drunk and basketball is very very difficult when drunk.  If I won, he would take me to the Space Needle, and if he won, I would bake him cinnamon rolls (keep in mind that I don't have money and that my cinnamon rolls are awesome, okay still not a fair bet but whatever).  Anyway, I owe him cinnamon rolls now.  But he did end up with an "h" at least.

One more thing, Sunday night he asked permission to kiss me, which he has never done ever (he's never asked permission, I mean. we kiss a ton), and it was super sweet and I loved it.  Also, I figured out how to get his Sim City 2000 to work on Windows Vista (It was made in 1993) and I was watching him play it and I was helping out, keeping an eye out for fires and stuff like that and I started calling him Mr. Mayor, and then he left for a few minutes and left me in charge of not letting his city be destroyed while he was away.  When he left, part of the city was on fire, and when he came back I had put it out and he let me keep playing and started calling me the mayor's wife, which I totally loved.  And then later, he drew a heart out of trees he planted on the game.  We are such nerds.

This morning, I couldn't go back to sleep and it was like 6:30 so I went to check my email on his computer and I saw a file on his desktop called "most wanted movies", so I transferred the file to my netbook and I am going to surprise him by downloading all of the movies for him.  He's been pretty stressed lately, because he is refining his paper to get his master's degree in psychology, and his paper got rejected the first time, and this is his last chance, so I think this will be a nice surprise.

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