Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm not Dead, I Swear

I've just been really busy, and not just in a this-is-just-my-excuse-for-not-blogging amorphous busy way.  I have been trying my very hardest to earn money.  I am making some money very soon from selling some artwork, which is pretty freaking exciting.  I made the following for a guy at my church.

And apparently everyone who sees it loves it, which is honestly pretty mind-blowing.  I mean, I totally love it, and printed out an 8.5 by 11 for my wall, but I'm sort of biased since I made it and everything.  So I made an enlarged version and set out to meet my client (I think it's so cool that I have clients now, but secretly, because I am an adult) to get it printed before church on Wednesday night.  The first print shop had an issue with their printer where it turned everything vibrantly blue, and not in a good way, in a very very bad, melting your eyeballs out of their sockets sort of way.  Luckily, in the University District, and more specifically on the Ave (remember the Ave? It's where all the homeless people and drug dealers hang out, but also where all the cheap places to shop and eat are), there are lots of print shops.  So we crossed the street and went to another print shop.  Their printer was also having issues, and ended up turning the light blue pink.  So they had me fill out a form and they're going to get their printer serviced and give me a call when my artwork is ready to pick up.  I posted the picture of it on Facebook, which I have again now, not sure if I told you that.  My aunt commented that she wants to buy a print, so I'm making even more money off of it than originally planned.  If any of you want to buy your very own copy of my artwork, the good news is that you can!  Just click right here.  Those prices may seem high, but just remember that I only make a quarter of the total price, since they're printing everything and letting me put my art up for sale without charging me to do so.  Of course, if you really want my artwork and don't have the cash, you can print it off of here and I won't even know it.  Seriously, I'll look the other way.  But if you do buy my artwork, I'll love you forever, so there's that.

And while we're talking about art, I'll take the opportunity to inform you that I met with another prospective client yesterday and he is going to pay me by the hour to turn a sketch he did into a computer graphic.  So that's cool.  It's sort of like a part-time job.  But I am still looking for a real part-time job.  I applied at a frozen yogurt place a while back and totally nailed the phone interview, so I am waiting for them to let me know when they want the in-person interview.  They had me email them dates and times when I'm available.  I also filled out an application for Goodwill yesterday, which would be a pretty cool place to work.  After my last post, I bought three workplace-appropriate jacket type things, two blouses, one pair of flats, and a little black dress that is not for work but I hear that it's something all women should have.  I don't feel like taking pictures right now, so use your imagination.  I'm not describing them either.  Deal with it.

I promised the guys that my blog will not turn into a fashion blog and that I would blog about football, and I will, after the weekend, since that's when football is on.  Brief recap: University of Washington (that's where I went and where G is getting his master's) Huskies beat the California Bears 31-23 last Saturday.  The refs were awful, but what else is new.  Seahawks beat Cardinals 13-10 last Saturday.  Next week the football recap will be better, and will include comments on the games, but this is it for now.  Count yourself lucky you get this much.  There are starving children in Africa who don't even know what a football is, so finish your vegetables.  Wait, what?

If you want to watch a hilarious movie, I highly recommend "Shriek if you Know what I did Friday the 13th".  It's on Netflix.  You will not be disappointed, probably.  It's a horror movie parody laden with written gags that make it even funnier.

I will probably blog again on Monday or Tuesday.  I spend the weekends with G, mostly watching football.  But this weekend is extra-special, because it is our one-month anniversary, which to most of you is like no time at all, but he's my first boyfriend ever, so it's a big deal for me.  He's taking me out to dinner.  And then on Sunday it's his niece's 5th birthday.

I also have an idea for two funny cartoons, so maybe I'll finish them by next time.  Maybe not.  That's all for now.

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