Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eyes and Jobs

Today I became both dilated and elated.  I had my appointment to see how bad my glaucoma is today.  After I finally managed to get there, after my bus was over 20 minutes late from downtown when I was transferring, so I had to call the hospital and have them look up another bus for me to take instead.  I finally made it, had my appointment, and found out that it is very likely that I do not have glaucoma.  I probably was just born with weirdly large optic nerves, so that's super awesome news.  Then, they sent me on my way and forgot to provide makeshift sunglasses.  If you've never had your eyes dilated, you won't understand, but they are incredibly sensitive to light for hours afterward.  So I got pretty blinded by the light *resists urge to sing that song* but I finally made it home.  Before I got home, I got some tasty teriyaki from one of my favorite restaurants.  Then the bus got overrun by about a million high school students on their way home from school.  I don't think the schools around here have school buses, or if they do, they don't go to my neighborhood.  There were at least a hundred kids on the bus, no exagerration.  High schoolers are ANNOYING, no offense if you're in high school.  I was probably annoying when I was in high school too.  After I got home, I called my mom and talked to her for an hour.  Then I attempted to watch my Hulu queue, which was difficult, but I managed.  If you haven't heard of "New Girl", you should definitely check it out.  It's a sitcom with Zooey Deschanel, so what's not to love?

Now for the elated part.  I posted my resume on Craigslist the other day and actually got a response!  This guy who makes super-intense medical equipment wants me to do algebra for him to help expand his computer programs.  He doesn't have time to do it himself.  I checked out the company and it looks legit, so hopefully that will work out.  He's in California this week for business, but we're meeting next week.  But that's not the cause of my elation.  My elation is one part: I did a phone interview for a frozen yogurt place that's opening nearby and found out today that they want to do an in-person interview!  You might be like, whoop-de-doo, frozen yogurt.  What's so exciting?  Basically, I have never had success at a job interview before.  The jobs I have had in the past did not have interviews, so this makes me feel like I could actually get a job and be a real functioning member of society and all that nonsense.  So hopefully one of these job things will pan out, and I'll continue to be able to pay my rent.  And the other part of elation is this amazing chocolate I bought yesterday.  If you've never had Hershey's Nuggets milk chocolate with toffee and almonds, you totally should, because they're REALLY delicious.  I can't stop eating them! Om nom nom.

On a completely different note, one saying that I think is totally pointless is, "I'll get there when I get there."  Really? When else would you get there?!  Before you get there? After you get there?  Are you some sort of time traveler, so this phrase is actually necessary?  Even then, you would get there when you get there, although you might get there before and after your initial arrival as well.  Let's face it, time travel is complicated.  Maybe that's the hidden meaning behind the saying.  When people say that they aren't just wasting their oxygen, they're saying, "I'm secretly a time traveler, but time travel is seriously complicated.  Don't tell anyone."

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