Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fashion Post 2: Style on a Budget

Being an adult means having to dress like one.  I need to buy some work clothes, since I am determined to have a job.  So I turned to Polyvore for some budget fashion inspiration.  I made a work outfit.  If I can find something similar to it at Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, or Crossroads Trading Company, I'll be pleased.  Next step to being a real grownup: learn to walk in heels.  I  have been practicing a little bit each day and I'm getting better,  but nowhere near the point where I would try wearing them for any sort of a length of time outside of my house.  Anyway, POW! Fashion!

Fashion on a Budget

Did I mention that I actually kind of love fashion?  Just not fashion trends, but I like putting together outfits and stuff.  So if you're a guy and you're thinking, "Ugh, when did she start fashion blogging?! *Unfollow*."  Well, don't unfollow me, because I'm going to start blogging about football soon.  And if you don't like that either, then maybe you'll consider sticking around for my movie reviews, art, and occasional wit? Maybe? Please?

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