Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm an Adult

As an adult, it's sometimes okay to play video games long into the night with your boyfriend (I love saying that word :D), and believe me, Little Big Planet is super fun, so fun that we're going to get Little Big Planet 3, and we beat some insane levels, including one called Skulldozer, which really, the name itself just drives fear into your heart, but during the day you have to do grownup things, like get a job.  Sidenote: longest run-on sentence ever? Perhaps.  So, after I Google "how to write a killer resume when you have pretty much no experience", I'm going to write said killer resume, then post it on Craigslist, and cross my fingers hard.  (That's all true, except the Google part.  I use Bing.  Is Bing a verb yet? I don't know; sounds kind of weird.)

It's been hot lately, and my sunburn is peeling.  I walked 30 blocks total yesterday to go to the bank and deposit a check.  I would have died on the way back if I hadn't given up the dollar and eight cents for a ginormous can of Arizona Iced Tea.  (Grownups definitely use the word "ginormous", for reals.)  The clothing repurposing didn't go too great the other day.  It was all fine and dandy until I started practice stitching on some scrap fabric, which my sewing machine promptly sucked inside itself and tangled up.  Thankfully, G bought me some screwdrivers so I could get into the belly of the beast and remove the offending scrap.  Even better, when the screwdrivers he bought were too tall to fit in the small space, he brought the machine to his house when I went over and fixed it himself.  Hopefully when I start sewing the actual shirt, a similar incident doesn't happen.  I've never used this sewing machine before, so who's to say that it doesn't hate me and plot to destroy my every hope and dream? (That's a rhetorical question, by the way.)  Further proof that I am, indeed, and adult: I can cook things consistently that taste delicious.  I even learned how to make salsa, which we devoured most of while watching the first UW game last Saturday.  Huskies won, and I managed to stay awake to see it, while G slept peacefully for the last little bit.  Did I mention that I like football?  Because I do.  Remember that one post a long time ago about watching football then attending a baby shower? Yeah, that's me.  A bevy of contradictions. Like Starburst.  Also, wow that post was short.  Here are the foods I have made lately: Apple Cinnamon Meatloaf, a pepper-onion-chicken mixture that is tasty plain or in tortillas, hamburgers with bacon and pepper-jack cheese (simple), mashed potatoes, smoothies that are a personal favorite of G's, some sort of Italian chicken with a name that I can neither recall nor pronounce, along with yummy unpronouncably named pasta and (a little too vinegar-y in my opinion) spinach salad with strawberries and cheese and tomato and pistachios.  G says that I make the best salads.  Want to know how to make a simple salad that's super delicious?  Spinach leaves, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, pistachioes. Dice the tomatoes, then mix everything together with some store-bought Poppyseed (deliciousness) dressing and you're good to go.  Pistachioes are pretty expensive but they make any salad taste fantastic.

So I have to go do important things now.  I'll let you know (if) when I get a job and I'll take photos of my repurposed clothing (if it turns out okay).  Oh, and also, G might get me a lip piercing on Friday.  So, if that happens, I'll share pictures.

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