Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Falling in Love

It's been a while since I posted, but here I am again.  Did you miss me?  You may or may not remember that this past weekend I was planning to go to my family picnic.  I did and G came with me.  My entire family adored him - yay :)-especially my adorable 4 year old cousin who had way too much fun attempting to put girly dress-up clothes on him.  She did manage to get some pink sequined bunny ears on him and he removed them right before my mom could snap a photo.  Then she tried to get him to wear a princess crown and then a pink sun hat.  I told her he might be willing to wear a fireman hat, and he agreed to that.  Then she started putting headbands on it.  Silly child.  He has a four year old niece though, so he was a good sport.  We stayed with my aunt and uncle Friday night and watched a couple of movies.  Their TV shuts off by itself a lot, and makes movie viewing difficult.  Then we went to the family picnic on Saturday.  It was near a creek, so it wasn't too hot, and I ended up swimming in my clothes.  It was good seeing my family, and there was lots of good food.  Then my parents drove my brother and his girlfriend home and we followed them.  My brother is going to boot camp for the Marines September 19th, so it was the last time I get to see him for a while.  He showed me the new knives and throwing stars he got, and he gave me this necklace he made, which I love. 

Then we played Call of Duty, but it was 10 on 1, the one being him, and I never even managed to find him.  After that, we stayed at my parents' house for the next two nights before heading back.  I brought back some clothes and my other guitar, as well as my flute and keyboard (think piano, not typing). 

some clothes and these shoes
I also brought back my sewing machine, because I have some clothes I want to turn into other clothes (I guess it's called upcycling, but that word can have some pretty negative connotations).  On Sunday, after I went to church, we visited some people I wanted to see, and then we climbed up Beacon Rock, which is about a half an hour from where I grew up.You wouldn't picture a rock with trees growing on it, but it's basically like a small forest on the rock.

the view to the right

view to the left

the trail
You may or may not recall that I was in a wheelchair from October through May.  I thought I was fine for the hike, and I was on the way up, but on the way down my left leg wanted to give out, because it was too tired.  G helped me 2/3 of the way down and my dad helped me for the middle 1/3.  We stopped to take a few breaks.  The convenient thing about it being a rock is that there are lots of places you can sit to rest.  When I was taking one of my many rests, I looked up at G and he mouthed the words, "I love you" with a tear streaming down his face.  With a huge smile on my face, I mouthed back, "I love you too."  That was the happiest moment of my entire life.  Since then, we've said it to each other out loud, and I still smile hugely every time.

I also learned some other things that G and I have in common: we use the same shampoo, Herbal Essences Body Envy, and we're both mad they changed the scent from white nectarine and pink coral flower which smelled SO GOOD, to something I don't even remember, still smells good but no longer AMAZING; we wear the same size of pants and pretty much the same size of shoes (I have big feet for a girl, and he has small feet for a guy), we both like classic rock and he's going to raid my iTunes.  We're also within a half inch of one another's height.  He's a tiny bit taller, but we already knew that.

So yeah, I'm in love, and my blog will probably continue to not have a single post that doesn't mention G.

In other news, I discovered Polyvore, and all I can say is, where has this been all my life.  I'm not into fashion trends or anything, but I do like putting together outfits and stuff, especially jewelry, and they have this little add-on that allows you to use images from around the web.

My Own Style

That's some of the stuff I've been drooling over, and with the prices of most of them, I'll just have to keep on drooling.  I'll stick to thrift stores, thank you very much.  It's fun though. I'm going to a concert with G on Friday.  It's called Summer Camp Music Festival 2011.  10 bands for only $20.  I've only heard of a few of the bands, so I'm listening to them a bunch today.  They're all pretty good, and it would be fun even if they weren't since I'll be with G.  Hopefully I'll get some pictures for you guys.


  1. Beacon Rock is awesome! I hiked to the top last summer and remember needing those resting spots on the way back down haha.

    Also, glad things are going well with G. Yay!


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