Friday, August 5, 2011

Texts from the Jerk

I didn't realize I wrote that other post so late yesterday, so I guess that makes this a two post kind of day.

M seems to not understand the meaning of "Please stop texting me." He has been being a huge jerk, and I've just been ignoring his texts.  But it does make me mad, so I'm posting the texts on here to vent.

"So lets see. You are seeing someone. You just needed a free ride to church? Do I look like a fucking doormat. Now that you don't get what u want u tell me."

So the guy is either delusional or he has short term memory loss.  He clearly can't remember that he asked if he could go to church with me.

"To stop texting? Classic beeotch move. You would never have a chance at hooking up with me. I find your looks repulsive. And your fashion sense nonexistent."

Oh yes, I'm clearly a horrible person if I don't want a guy to keep sending me rude texts.  Someone's so full of himself.  I didn't even want to hook up with him.  I made it very clear that I was looking for friends and nothing more.  And then he insults me, to try to get me angry or something.  Like I even care what he thinks about my looks.  Just because I don't dress like someone who only cares about getting laid.  And I happen to like my Back to the Future shirt.

"Why do you think i never tried to hold your hand. Class=get some."

Funny, I just assumed it was because we were just friends.  And class does not equal get some. And I don't dress like a tramp. I'm a lot classier than most girls, so yeah.

Anyway, not going to reply at all, and hopefully the texts will just fizzle off.  And also, screw him.


  1. Ugh. =/ What phone and service provider do you use?

  2. I have a Tracfone. I don't even know how to block numbers, but if he texts me again, I'm going to find out.

  3. Good plan. I'm pretty sure that for any provider, you can call customer service and ask them to block all texts from a specific number - keep that in mind.

    The only downside is the inevitable hold time and elevator music haha.


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