Monday, August 22, 2011

And then my Life got Interesting

I got this email in my spam this morning.  These spammers are trying to get trickier.

Attention Please,

I am Barr.Philip Weah and I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting that fund transferred. Now I want you to contact my secretary on his email address below and receive your compensation of $3.5M from him:

NAME: Mr Iyi Omambala
Kindly reconfirm to him the following below information:

Your full name_________________________
Your address__________________________
Your country___________________________
Your age______________________________
Your occupation________________________
Your cell Phone number______________________
Your passport-----------------------------

Note that if you did not send him the above information complete, he will not release the cheque to you because he has to be sure that it is you. Ask him to send you the total sum of ($3.5m )USD CASHIER'S CHEQUE ,which I kept for you.
Note also that I will not be reached by email or phone for now because I am currently away in Japan for investment purpose with my share and I will be busy till about six months time or a year.

Best regards,
Barr.Philip Weah.

First of all, he's trying to convince me that I already helped him transfer a large sum of money and I just don't remember.  He's just trying to pain me what I clearly earned, before developing amnesia.  I won't be able to contact him, because, naturally, he'll be off investing his large sum of money, and far too busy to check his email or answer his phone.  Not tricky enough, spammer, not tricky enough.

Anyway, in other, much more interesting news, I met some of G's friends on Saturday.  They're all pretty cool and fun to hang out with.  And they all seemed to like me.  We barbecued hot dogs and drank mixed drinks.  Mine consisted of vanilla rum, cranberry juice, and lemonade.  It was the hottest day of the year, and heat zaps my appetite, so I only had one hot dog.  We were at E and S's apartment, which is about 30 minutes away.  E and S have been dating for two years and they live together.  S, a female, asked G to drive her to go to the liquor store, since she was too drunk to drive herself.  G asked me if I wanted to come along, despite the fact that I couldn't go in, since everyone else had left, but S insisted I should stay with E, since it was hot out and I couldn't go in anyway.  So I did.  You're probably thinking that E made a move on me or something.  That did not happen.  E is a very nice guy with nerdy Star Wars tattoos, and he wouldn't do that.  He went and cleaned up the kitchen.  I asked if he wanted help.  He said no, he'd get more brownie points with S if he cleaned it by himself.  Then his friend J called, and he came over.  G and S returned from the liquor store and then S went into the bathroom and G told me that we need to talk later.  Then we played this fun game called Kings.  After that, S went into her room to take a nap, because she had a headache, and the guys and I hung out and talked and watched funny Youtube videos.  Then I almost puked and G held my hair back until I was sure I was okay.  After about an hour longer of hanging out, we left to go home.  Before we turned to get onto the freeway, I felt like I had to puke again, so I let G know and he pulled into a parking lot, where I just barely managed to get the door open in time.  I think I would have been fine if it hadn't been so hot out.  Heat and I do not get along well at all.  G found me a bag and doubled it in case I had to puke again before we got off the freeway.  Then he actually kissed me.  Then we got nearly all the way home, literally a minute from his house.  He pulled over against the curb and told me that S had kissed him when he took her to the liquor store.  He was pretty freaked out, because E is his best friend, and he really doesn't want to screw up their friendship.  He wanted to tell E, because he is a very honest guy, but E and S live together, so he really can't.  It's a bit of a moral dilemma for him.  Also, E, S, and G have been very good friends for a long time, and he was just thoroughly baffled.  He processed for a while, and finally came to terms with the fact that he really can't tell E.  Then he kissed me again, and said the only pukefaced girl he wants to kiss is me.  Super romantic, right? It was really sweet though.  After that, I told him that he has to talk to her about it, because if anyone is going to tell E what happened, it has to be her.  I'm right about that, aren't I?  After that, we went into his house and cuddled and watched Naruto.  I've seen most of the first season before, but he hadn't and it has been a while since I've seen it, so we started from the beginning.  He really liked it.  Then we went to bed.  He's taken to calling me amazing and beautiful a whole lot more, which I love.

The next order of business is movie reviews.  These will be quite brief, since I have 12 of them.  Yeah, I know that's a lot.  So I am dividing them into movies that I really enjoyed and would heartily recommend and movies that I didn't care so much for and never want to see again, and then some that I'm sort of undecided about.  Don't comment on my punctuation.   I know comma splices are running rampant.  So, good movies to watch: Charlie Bartlett, it's about a kid who has been kicked out of all the private schools and how he starts going to public school and acting as the unofficial therapist to the students there; St. Trinian's School for Girls, it's dark and twisted, which I love in a movie, it's about a school for girls, whose theme song is about them being the defenders of anarchy, breaking the law in order to get money to prevent their school from being closed down; Office Space, recommended to me by G, a really hilarious movie about people hating their jobs and rebelling against their horrible boss; Transformers, love love love love love, nothing but good things to say about all three of them, which I watched with G, they're funny, they're action-packed, they're far-fetched but not too far-fetched, okay so alien robots probably aren't real, but the plot was good is what I'm trying to say basically, these movies have taken a place in my top ten movies list; Constantine, one of G's favorites, sadly I fell asleep for about five minutes at the end, so I don't know how it ended, but every bit I saw was really good, it's delightfully creepy and I loved it; Bridesmaids, which seriously surprised me, watched it with my roommates, thought it would be a lame chick flick, but my abs hurt by the time it was over, I laughed so much, it's about, surprisingly enough, bridesmaids.

So that's it for the ones I loved.  Here are the ones I hated: Sweeney Todd (the Tim Burton one! (I know right)), about a barber who murders people, the story was shallow, the musicalness was annoying, it takes a lot for me to not like a Tim Burton movie so you can see how awful this one must be; Forget-Me-Not, got this one from Redbox, watched it with G, the story was interesting, the part of it that made any sense, that is, not much of it made sense is the problem, scary gory confusing story, and the ending just leaves you going 'huh?', House of 9, watched with G, courtesy of Netflix, had the potential to be good, Battle Royale style competition between kidnapped people in a house, winner gets 5 million dollars, sort of a study into what people are capable of, it was alright for what it was, but for being very entertaining, it really wasn't.

There's this new category on Netflix (maybe not new, but I just noticed it) called Darkly Suspenseful Psychological Thrillers.  Oddly specific, isn't it?  That is actually exactly the sort of movie that I usually love, so I'm pretty excited about it.

Movies that were alright/I'm sort of on the fence about: Prom, what can I say but meh? It was predictable and sort of like A Walk to Remember, but without cancer, it was a nice story, but like I said, very predictable; Wristcutters: A Love Story, it was really interesting from both a psychological and an entertainment standpoint, sort of really depressing though, so I didn't entirely love it, about a world where people who commit suicide go and a boy finding his ex-girlfriend there after he kills himself when she breaks up with him.

That's it for movie reviews.

G is going with me to my family picnic on Sunday :) We're leaving on Friday and returning on Monday.  I just emailed my mom to let her know that, and also that he exists, so we'll see what she says.  I'm off to shower and get ready to go hang out with G.


  1. I applied for a job on Craigslist which actually ended up being a very similar kind of scam. They wanted me to go to a Western Union and give my bank account information to pick up a check worth thousands of dollars. Uh, no.

    I am also a big fan of "Darkly Suspenseful Psychological Thrillers" :)

  2. I think everyone ends up drinking too much and puking at some point. Good thing G was sweet about it - he sounds like a keeper. :)

    Also, I love Office Space and Charlie Bartlett - good picks! I also love Sweeney Todd, mostly because I love the cast and the gore is just cheesy enough to be fun. I can understand why people don't like it though.

  3. Tsaritsa: I wonder if people actually fall for those things. I guess they must, or else people would stop doing it, right? Weird. Oh, I also watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, and I thought of you and your street art walks, very very good movie. I enjoyed it immensely.

    Lauren: G is super sweet. I think he's a keeper too :) I think that Sweeney Todd had a good storyline, if they had built on it a bit more. It seemed sort of repetitive to me. And I'm not really a fan of musicals either. So it's pretty weird that I like Tim Burton films so much, since they're pretty much all musicals.


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