Friday, February 11, 2011

Shopping Adventure

Today my friend Monica from my physics class took me to the mall.  I got two pairs of jeans for only $8 each! And they both fit perfectly.  The second pair of jeans I tried on fit.  It was pretty cool, since the last time I bought jeans, I had to try on 40 pairs before I found 3 that fit.  I saved $70 today! Everything was super marked down, like 80% off.  After we got back to my dorm, my friend realized that she had accidentally left my wheelchair cushion on top of the car and it wasn't there anymore when we got back.  We seriously doubted that we would be able to find it if we went back so she bought me a new one. It turns out that the old one was worth $500! That's insane! I didn't let her spend $500 on a replacement.  I got the cheapest one, which was still $90.  Eep.  After getting back to my dorm for the second time, we bid one another farewell.  I got up to my room and then I noticed that the store forgot to remove one of the anti-theft tags from my jeans.  It's one of the ones that explodes ink if you mess with it, so I'm going to go back and get it removed tomorrow.  I'm looking into places to get an industrial piercing. I found a place that does them for $25, which I can actually afford, as long as I provide my own jewelry. Sounds good to me, so hopefully I'll be getting that done soon.

The one thing that I really hated about the mall is the bombardment of hearts and lovey-dovey Valentine's stuff.

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