Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No More Winter!

It was Groundhog Day today.  Punxsatawney Phil (no idea if I spelled that right) did not see his shadow, so no more winter! That's easy for me to say, but it might not be quite so believable for those of you who are buried in snow.  Here in Seattle, we have had blue skies and sunshine for three days now, so I'm with Phil on this one, at least as far as Seattle is concerned.

Check out this gorgeous sunset that one of my friends managed to capture earlier this week.

Isn't it spectacular? Imagine three different variations of this all across the sky and refelcting on the snow-covered mountain.  That's what it was like. It was the best sunset I have seen in my entire life.

Right now, I am playing the don't-skip-any-songs game.  I just invented this game and it consists of listening to music on iTunes without skipping anything, since I usually skip a lot of songs.  You know what band I really like? Rise Against. I really like their song "Hero of War."

Yesterday I had dinner with my awesome friend Jessica.  My burrito didn't taste very good, so I had ice cream instead, because I'm ridiculously healthy like that.  She got me this really cool birthday card that has Hoops and Yoyo dressed as pirates and when it's open, they yell for a very long time about how I need to protect my birthday booty, and it lights up and stuff.  She also got me a gift card for Hot Topic, so we're going to go shopping sometime, which is awesome because I had just been complaining about how I can't buy anything, since I have to save all of my money for physical therapy.  Then we spent a little bit looking at Pokemon stuff on Etsy and then I showed her Regretsy, which is a pretty hilarious site full of really strange things that people try to sell on Etsy.

Today, my Finnish teacher decided that we are all going to have a Finnish Crepes Party at her house after our midterm on Wednesday. She's really cool. I love crepes!

Right now, I'm awaiting a reply to a request for C to be my semi-permanent dinner buddy.  I really hate eating dinner alone, and this way I could spend more time with him.  I'm not going to tell him that I like him for a while, because I'm kind of scared of getting rejected like I did with H.  I'll just wait for it to progress naturally, if it does.

And now I have an important date with a fictional character, which really just means that I have to read a book for my Finnish class. Bye.

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