Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Post Naming Machine is on the Fritz

Once again, I can think of no relevant or creative name for this post.  Anyway, today I have two movie reviews for you. Last night, I watched The Sixth Sense and Life as we Know It.  They were both really good and I managed to get a bit of reading done in my Finnish book at the same time, so win-win-win.

I give both movies a four out of five.  The Sixth Sense was really good, but I already knew what was going to happen.  Bruce Willis and Hailey Joel Osment were both really good actors and the music was timed perfectly to make me jump, so it was good.  It reminded me of the book series Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, except that in those books, the ghosts can't talk or hurt people.  Life as we Know It was a fairly typical romantic comedy, complete with happy ending.  As far as romantic comedies go, it was funnier than most. I laughed so much that by the end, it felt like I had an ab workout. Holly and Messer's antics are thoroughly enjoyable. I liked this more than Leap Year, which was previously my favorite romantic comedy, and one that I usually watch every time that I'm in the hospital, because it's usually on their free movies. Watching movies and sleeping is pretty much the only thing you can do when you are in the hospital and you can't walk.

The guys next door to me got a remote control car that they have been playing with a lot lately. It sounds just like a drill. I know this because I took a lot of wood shop classes in high school, and I have used a drill more times than I can count.  They are really horrible at driving their remote control car and they kept on crashing it into walls. They crashed it into my door twice.

It reminded me of how some of the guys last year had a remote control car and they would drive it down the hall and into everyone's room who had their door open and then back out.  When they drove it into my room, they accidentally got it stuck against the doorframe when they were trying to drive it back out, so I picked it up and set it back down so it could be along its merry way. I forgot to mention that they were controlling it from inside their room where we couldn't tell who was driving it if we looked out in the hall.  Another time, one of the guys was working on his golf game.  He had a glass that he would go set somewhere in every room that had an open door and then his roommate decided what par would be for that hole. One time he was going to do this and the RA saw him with his golf club and said that she certainly hoped he wasn't golfing inside because that would be against the rules. He made up something about going to golf on the quad and then went down in the elevator and then came back up the stairs, since the elevator is in view of the RA's room, but the stairs are not. There were a lot of really interesting people on my floor last year. Two of my friends liked to do really strange things in the elevator to annoy the other people in the elevator.  They usually each leaned backwards against an elevator door when we were waiting for the elevator. I never did actually see the doors open when they were leaning against them though.  Another favorite elevator pastime was riding upside down.  They would do a handstand and hold on to the bar attached to the wall and put their feet on the ceiling. They got a lot of weird looks out of that one.  And one time someone moved their desk out of their room in front of an elevator and sat there and studied like it was perfectly normal.

I had a strange dream last night where I my brother kept attacking me with a machete and I was trying to find clues about something later because I was a Russian spy. It was thoroughly bizzare.  I'm not sure if I actually woke up screaming multiple times or if I just dreamed that I woke up screaming multiple times. My roommate stayed with a friend last night so I don't know.

I just noticed this and it is thoroughly bugging me.

The shadow on the speech bubble thing is backwards of how it should be! Grrr. I think that Facebook secretly hates people with OCD.

In other news, peach yogurt with granola is delicious. That's what I had for brunch today.  I haven't been able to shower for two days because my legs haven't worked at all, and I'm beginning to feel disgusting. I used to shower twice a day back when I could walk, but now I can only shower in the morning if my legs work when I wake up. Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow, if you watch it. In case you were wondering, it's on FOX at 3:30 pm pacific time/ 6:30 pm eastern time.  If you're really out of the loop, you should at least know that the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Green Bay Packers. Bye.

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