Friday, February 4, 2011

Babbling Garbledygook

My brain has ceased to be able to come up with meaningful post titles.

Today, I am going to rant, among other things.  Specifically, I am going to rant about the criminal justice system in the United States.  I have many different people who drive me to my classes. I usually have the same guy every day for my morning driver to my first class. He listens to NPR or something like that on the radio. I have no idea what it actually is, but they discuss news things. Anyway, a couple of days ago, every single story they had was about kids getting murdered. I am not even exagerrating, every single story. There were four or five of them. Oh wait, one of them was about an adult getting murdered, but still. So after hearing the first three stories about toddlers being murdered and the discovery of a missing preschooler's body, I was beginning to lose faith in humanity. How can people do things like that? I just don't understand. And to children even. Children are so adorable, especially as toddlers, and sure they can be annoying at times, but so can adults.  There is no good reason to kill a child, plain and simple.  Toddlers are innocent.  They just want to play and be loved. They don't see race or judge you on your physical appearance or if you talk funny. They love you regardless of whether you are fat or skinny, short or tall, as long as you love them in return.  It just completely boggles my mind to try to understand how messed up someone would have to be to hurt a child.

The fourth story was about how a serial rapist murdered a prison guard.  It should have never happened.  The prison guard was a petite woman, guarding a serial rapist who was twice her size, all by herself, without a gun.  She was supposed to supervise him while he was in the chapel.  They didn't find her body for an hour after they talked to the prisoner. The first thing I want to know is how on earth only one person, regardless of size or gender, was thought to be enough to guard a large violent criminal.  I mean, what was their thought process? Oh, well he wants to go to the chapel, so he must be asking forgiveness for his sins or something. He probably converted to a religion and now he'll be a fantastic human being, but we'll send this small woman along with him, UNARMED!, just in case he tries to pull something, which we're sure he won't.  Sure he's raped numerous woman and commited other violent crimes, but this woman will be completely safe with him, since he is obviously a great person now. I mean, he's going to the chapel and everything.  And even if somehow, he is going to the chapel to give us a false sense of security, which is totally working by the way, this woman who is half his size will be able to prevent him from causing any mischief, without any weapon whatsoever. Oh no, small woman, don't bring a gun, he's practically a saint. Then they don't even go check on her to make sure she's okay, because like they said, the guy's practically a saint.  And when they do finally go by the chapel, for some unrelated reason, they see the prisoner and have a nice little chat.  Not even once do they ask him where the woman is who is supposed to be guarding him. Then they leave and then ONE HOUR LATER, they find her dead.  If I remember correctly, she was strangled.  I wonder if they even have security cameras. Or maybe the security guard fell asleep.  Hopefully, this will open their eyes so they can make some changes and this won't happen again.  But seriously, it's just common sense not to have a small unarmed woman guarding a man twice her size, who has raped numerous women and is IN JAIL!  It is pathetic that this woman had to die before they noticed their complete lack of common sense.  It is an outrage.  I didn't even know the woman and I'm outraged, so I can only imagine what her friends and family feel.  And then after that story was a story of a man murdering his wife and child and stabbing them 20 times! But he admitted that he did it, so they're not giving him the death penalty.  He has two consecutive life sentences, but honestly that doesn't even mean anything, since people can get out early on good behavior.  To summarize, the thought process of our criminal justice system is unimaginable and their lack of common sense is appalling. Okay, rant over.

On to happier things. I had my first dinner with C last night. It was the Chinese New Year so there was a Chinese food buffet.  Most of the food was pretty good, but some of it wasn't that great. The barbecue pork fried rice was great and the almond cake was absolutely divine. My fortune cookie told me to learn a foreign language. I don't like getting bossed around by fortune cookies. I'm learning Latin because I feel like it, not because some stupid yet delicious fortune cookie tells me too. C's fortune said to ask an elderly person for advice. We didn't talk a whole lot, since we were pretty busy eating. I would have talked more but I was afraid that I would say something stupid. Also, it was really loud, so when we did talk, we had to keep repeating what we said. It went well though, and I don't think I said anything too stupid, although somehow in line we started discussing eating bugs and then I told him the story of how I once ate rocks. He found it humorous and I was three, so it's not like I said that I like to eat rocks now, which by the way I don't.  Hopefully, the more we eat together, the less worried I will become about saying something stupid.

Today I decided that I would like to start painting shoes.  I have this one pair of shoes that I drew on with Sharpies last year and it turned out really cool, but I didn't make them match and they no longer fit me.  I think it would be cool to use actual paint and maybe sell them if I get good enough. Anyway, I'll be taking a trip to Goodwill pretty soon to find some shoes I can practice on.

I'm going to go read my novel for Finnish and watch The Sixth Sense, which I haven't seen yet. Don't be all shocked about that because I'm going to watch it right now and then I will have seen it, because after you watch a movie, then you saw it.  Talk about redundancy.  You know who's hilarious? Brian Regan, and Flight of the Conchords.

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