Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Because You are Important to Me

I should be writing an essay right now, because it is due tomorrow. However it is only the rough draft of a self-reflective essay that only needs to be 2-5 pages long so I'll have plenty of time to do it. I feel bad for neglecting you yesterday, so I'm going to attempt to make it up to you today with an extraordinary post of epic proportions.  Speaking of epic, I'm not really sure what the difference is between epic poetry and normal poetry, except that epic poetry is longer.  Here's one more thing I'm not sure about: Why do Americans buy milk in gallons and soda in liters? I don't know. It seems strange to me.  Fun fact: For the United States to switch over to the metric system, it would cost $9 billion!

Let's go back in time now, shall we? Do you remember the Super Bowl? I would understand if you didn't since it was two whole days ago.  Well I had planned to discuss it in my post yesterday, but then I was too busy, so I'm going to discuss it now.  I wanted the Packers to win, so I am happy with the outcome.  It seemed like it would be a runaway game after those first two touchdowns, but then the Steelers came back and made it interesting.  They would have made history if they won, but they didn't.  It was still a valiant effort anyway.  And how about that halftime show? Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Black Eyed Peas, so I was really surprised that I have actually heard all of those songs before.  The light up outfits were very unique. I'm still debating about whether they're cool or just over the top.  So for a while there, I was feeling pretty meh about the halftime show and then all of a sudden Slash appeared and played my favorite song ever! How cool is that? Pretty cool, but then Fergie started grinding on him and he got freaked out and left.  Everyone knows that football is only part of the Super Bowl watching experience.  The other part is the commercials.  There were some good ones this year, as well as some that made me think "What the heck?"  One strange commercial was the trailer for the new movie Cowboys and Aliens. Yep, that's right, Cowboys and Aliens. I don't even know what to say about that. I really can't wait to see what the sequel is, perhaps Cowboys and Zombies, or maybe Cowboys and Robots, or perhaps Cowboys and Pirates, but deep down I really know that it will without a doubt be Cowboys and Vampires, because somehow everyone still loves Twilight, which I still haven't watched and criticized, er, critiqued, by the way.  On a sidenote, Eclipse gum has jumped on the Twilight bandwagon along with Sweethearts. You know those heart shaped Valentine's candies that have cute little sayings on them like Marry Me and LOVE? Well now there are Twilight themed ones that feature such sayings like I <3 EC. I wish I were making this up, but it is true.  Now where was I again? Oh yes, Super Bowl commercials.  That one with Ozzy talking about 3G, 4G, and 5G was pretty awesome and then Justin Bieber showed up to sell 6G and Ozzy said that he looks like a girl. That one was great. I don't have any idea what they were trying to advertise but it was great.  Doritos really did a good job this year. They made me laugh, then they made me cry (from laughing so much). See for yourself.

This one didn't air, but it's pretty funny.

Fun fact: The Green Bay coach was from Philadelphia.

Also, during the Super Bowl, there were many claims made that Glee is the funniest comedy on television. I seriously doubted that, so I watched it and, while it is not the funniest comedy on television, I did laugh quite a few times and I will watch it again if there is nothing better on. I won't be joining the ranks of the Gleeks anytime soon though.

Now journey forward in time with me to yesterday. It totally makes sense, since we are starting from Sunday, just stop overthinking it. Yesterday was a bad day, and by bad, I mean very very not good. It started out normal enough. I stayed in the shower for too long so I threw on clothes and didn't have time to eat breakfast or brush my hair. I brought a Pop Tart to eat in class, just like always. On Mondays, I have classes from 10:30 until 4:30 without a break in between, so I have to bring a lunch with me if I want to eat. While I did indeed want to eat yesterday, I forgot my lunch during all of my hurrying-so-I-don't-miss-my-ride. So by the time class got over, I was pretty hungry, but let's back up a bit now. I apologize but I just got a brand new time machine and I'm trying to show it off. So after my second class, I came out and there was a large truck unloading right in front of the door, and I couldn't go past it to get to my ride because it was so large. It was also pouring rain so I got pretty soaked by the time the guy got back and moved his truck. I was late to class and there was a table where I normally sit so I had to sit in front of it and try not to completely block the aisle. So then fast-forward again. I get done with my classes and come back to my dorm and find out that I need to read 77 pages of epic poetry that night. I know that there were 77, because I counted them, not once, but twice. After printing them all out (I am nearly out of ink and paper now), I had to put them all in the correct order, because my printer likes to print everything in the reverse order of what would make sense. Having OCD, I counted them while putting them in the correct order, then realized that I had somehow managed to put them in the exact same order they were already in.  So then I counted them all again while putting them in the actual correct order.  Then I texted C something stupid because I had a really bad day and I'm an idiot.  Thankfully, I made up a stupid reason for why I wanted to see him instead of telling the truth, which was that I had a really bad day and I wanted to see him because he makes me happy.  Anyway, I managed to avoid the "I want to see you" phrase somehow.  Luckily, his room was full so I couldn't come do my homework over there. My excuse was that I needed to read a bunch of stuff so I couldn't be in the same room with my computer or I'd be obsessively going on Facebook every five minutes and/or falling asleep, which was actually kind of true.  I ended up going on Facebook three times and falling asleep twice, but I managed to finish reading it all during class this morning.  I would have potentially finished it all last night but my RA had free nachos for everyone in the lounge and they were really good and I met another person from my floor who is pretty cool.  The other good thing that happened yesterday is that in my physics class the professor made lightning with this super cool ancient machine and it was awesome.

Today was much better than yesterday. I had physical therapy and it's going really well.  Hopefully I'll be having dinner with C tonight and he will forget about how ridiculous I was yesterday.  I'm going to go cut my hair now, and then I have to write an essay. Valete. (That's Latin for goodbye.)

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  1. The first Doritos commercial was sick, but the other two were hilarious. I love how the guy used Doritos to bring someone's grandpa back (what?!).

    I don't understand Twilight and I don't get Glee. I think I'm too old. But I do love True Blood.

    I remember when I had to read epic poetry. At least you don't have to read the Faerie Queene. Yuck.


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