Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can This Day Get Any Worse?

I think that it may finally be safe to think that this day can't possibly get any worse, since there are only 13 minutes left of it. I'm not superstitious either. Cue indoor thunderstorm.

So today: not good. To start with, I forgot to schedule a ride back from my physical therapy, so I had to go two hours before my appointment.  That was okay, because it gave me time to read my book and eat some sweet potato fries which I have been craving for about a month, yum. But all was not as wonderful as it seemed.  Little did I know that during my physical therapy session, I would be subjected to electroshock therapy.  And that the guy running it would start it out way too intense.  I also didn't know that afterward I would have a twitch in my leg and feel phantom electric shocks every so often for about an hour.  Another thing that I was blissfully unaware of was the fact that I would finish my book and there would be a cliffhanger ending and I don't have the next one in the series.  I would never have even guessed that I would have to wait outside in the cold for half an hour before finding out from the information desk that my ride had somehow been canceled.  That I would then have to wait outside in the cold for another half an hour for the bus and ride it for the first time in my wheelchair.  Nor was I aware that the closest bus stop to my dorm would leave me wheeling myself four blocks in the rain when already tired from physical therapy.  Or that the lock in the bathroom door would break my key.  Yep, I wasn't aware of any of that stuff, so I just sat there eating my sweet potato fries and reading my novel.

That part of the day was not good, but then my good friend Jessica came over and had dinner with me. My cheeseburger was burnt and the mac and cheese was spicy for some reason. But then we watched The Office and I did my laundry and now there's a mountain of clothes calling to me to fold it.

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