Saturday, June 15, 2013

Occupational Hazards: Why I don't Paint my Nails Anymore

As a jewelry maker, I work with lots of wire and chain and jump rings, and all of these things are like the evil villains that hate nail polish.  When I first started working there in September, I still painted my nails sometimes.  And you guys, I can chip my nail polish ridiculously easily anyway.  If I click my mouse wrong, my nail polish will chip.  It's pretty crazy.  Jewelry making is not the friend of pretty colored nails.  My nail polish would chip the instant I started to make a necklace and only get worse and worse throughout the day.  And I like having pretty nails, but I hate painting them, because drying times force me to just sit and watch a movie or something, and as you may recall, I'm a multitasker.  I was organizing my room yesterday and came across my nail polish.  I have a lot of it, not as much as some people, but for never painting my nails, it's a lot.

But nail polish actually works as a way to personalize jewelry stuff and make it even cuter.  I got a whole bag of broken/mismatched jewelry the other day and I intend to use all sorts of nail polish on it (in a way that looks good, obviously).  And remember that cute jewelry box I thrifted that looks like it's missing something on the door?  Well I think I can do something cool with white nail polish.  So today I'm feeling pretty crafty.  I might even do battle with my sewing machine!  We'll see.

What creative uses do you have for nail polish?

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  1. Doooo it! Gird your loins and show that sewing machine who's boss! I love redoing jewelry with nail polish (and redoing buttons!), but I can't take the fumes anymore. I wanna see when you're done!


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