Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Exercise the Easy Way

Dance like no one is watching (and then photograph it?)

Are you one of those super busy people who never has time to exercise?  Let me share my tips for exercising the (sometimes fun) easy way.  First of all, you might not believe me but you do have time to exercise!  Do you drink milk or orange juice?  Lift it up a couple of times with each arm before you put it back in the fridge.  Do you cook?  Dance around the kitchen while you're waiting for your water to boil, or whatever you're cooking.  (even if you're just waiting for the microwave to heat up your food)  Do you do laundry?  Lift up your laundry basket like you're curling a weight, as you're carrying it wherever you have to take it to.  Walking up some stairs?  Walk on your tiptoes, as if you're wearing heels. (It probably doesn't work if you're actually wearing heels though)  Do your brush your teeth?  (I really hope so!)  Repeatedly stand on your tiptoes then back down the whole time you're brushing.

The next part is only for people who are comfortable doing crazy things in public without caring what people think about them.  If you do a lot of walking to and from places, don't just walk, skip, gallop, prance (haha), dance, whatever.  Basically try to remember how you walked with your parents (and probably drove them crazy doing it) as a toddler and do that.  Another great way to exercise is for people who babysit toddlers.  When the toddlers are playing outside or inside or wherever, run around with them and do everything they do (exercise-wise; don't pick your nose or eat worms or anything like that).  Believe me, after about four hours of this, you'll be feeling it.

And when all else fails, dance around the house like a maniac.  Plus it's super fun!

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