Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picture Pile: SNOW!!!

It wasn't supposed to snow here until Monday, but the snow came early.  There wasn't a lot but I thoroughly enjoyed it and also thoroughly photographed it.  My roommate went on a walk with me so the photos of me are courtesy of her.  Also, I am sort of like a five year old when it comes to snow.  I lay down and make a snow angel and get myself thoroughly soaked and don't worry about the consequences.  But I did drink extra orange juice today after that to ward off any sickness that might otherwise attack me.  So enjoy: and this isn't even close to all of them.  These are just my favorites.  And the two bird snowmen are ones that people partially made then abandoned so I turned them into happy birds.

happy snowman I happened across

If you're curious how cold it was, just look at the color of my face for the answer.

trying to show how wet I got from the snow

my roommate took a picture of my butt so you guys
could see how soaked the back of my pants were

the funny thing about this sign is that pot bellied pigs must have been a problem
at some point in order for them to need to be listed on the sign

snowman project number 1 is an owl, he started out as two abandoned snowballs
with one hollowed out eye and vague wing shapes on his side

snowman project two is a fat sumo wrestler bird, he was a feautureless snowman
and his hair was originally the smallest snowman head ever

i made this smiling heart on accident when I was dancing around in the snow

found snowman got said when I left, and his eye migrated below his mouth, poor thing

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