Monday, January 16, 2012

Hi Guys

I didn't want to post anything today, because I've been posting stuff every single day, so I'm kind of out of ideas.  G told me to write about his chickens so I am.  There are five chickens.  They live in a coop with a pen attached to the outside of it.  We've had to keep them in the coop lately because apparently if they run around in the snow, there feet can freeze off, because they don't have nerves in their feet or something.  They lay an average of four eggs total every day.  The biggest chicken, Harriet, always lays the smallest egg.  The chickens think that they are human and last time we let them run around in the yard, they climbed up the stairs and tried to follow us into the house.  The smartest chicken likes to jump on G's back and then he has to remind her that she isn't a parrot.  And she gets his shirt all dirty off her feet.  The chickens are really funny and very loving...when they think you have snacks for them.  They really like to eat dried worms, which are like their candy.  So that's it.  Um, I hope you enjoyed it.  Bye for now.

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