Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Gum Specialist

I called for an appointment today ASAP, and they got me in this afternoon at 2:15.  The doctor was very thorough.  He concluded that my abcess is healing on its own, and I should just keep doing salt water rinses like I have been.  For my receding gum on that tooth, I scheduled surgery for January 20th.  It should only take about an hour.  They have to take part of the roof of my mouth and use it as a skin graft to replace the gum on the tooth that needs it.  The only problem is that this surgery will cost $1400, which I really don't have extra.  I hate to beg, but if you have an extra $5 or even $1 you can donate to me, I would really appreciate it.  And I'll give you free large ad space on my blog (200 x 180) for three months if you donate $20 or more.  Large ad space for three months on my blog would normally cost you $36.  So please please please donate.

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