Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

My actual birthday was on Saturday and I turned 20, which means I'm no longer a teenager and now I can join 20 Something Bloggers! Achievement Unlocked: Grow Up.  We didn't do anything for my actual birthday because I wasn't feeling up to it.  The day started out with me dreaming about murderous clowns, and I am really terrified of clowns.  And then I had really horrible cramps.  TMI?  I don't care.  And I didn't feel like eating anything.  So G and I just laid around watching TV/Netflix all day.  Later that night I felt better and we drove around the corner from G's house to QFC so I could buy some Haagen Dazs ice cream, which is a special treat for me.  And then we went back to his house and watched the Louis CK special called "Hilarious" and it was hilarious indeed.  Then we went to bed.  But yesterday G took me to Red Robin for "linner" at 4:00 (lunch/dinner for those of you who don't know what that means).  I got a really delicious burger with sweet potato fries and attempted to Vanna White while G took a picture.  He was also nice enough not to tell the witer it was my birthday, because I hate being sung to, so I didn't have to have anyone sing Happy Birthday to me at all, which made my birthday a huge success.

I managed to eat half of my meal and I'm going to eat the rest for
lunch as soon as I finish this post and join 20 Something Bloggers
And did I mention that I got my meal for free?  Because I'm a member of Red Robin's Red Royalty, they gave me a free burger to redeem any time during my birthday month.  So I definitely love Red Robin.  Also, sweet potato fries are one of my favorite things.  After linner, we went to Gameworks, which is an arcade.  We got there at 5:00.  I hadn't been to an arcade since I was 8 years old and went to Chuck E. Cheeses for my friend's birthday party.  I managed to beat G at air hockey, which was my main goal.  I won 8-5.  Then I beat him at Pac Man.  I got to play Dance Dance Revolution for the first time ever and it was really fun.  G won, but only by a little bit.  I also played pinball for the first time ever in real life and guess what?  I'm actually awesome at it.  I only played one game but it lasted a while and I got 66,110,000 points.  The zeroes at the end were also numbers but I don't remember what they were.  Then we played the basketball hoop shooting game and I did atrociously to begin with, but I managed to get 28 points by the end.  It was especially difficult because 2 out of the 4 basketballs were pretty flat.  We also hunted dinosaurs.  I won the first round and G won the other 3, after I informed him that he only has to pump it once to reload after every shot or he'll just waste all of his ammo.  It was really fun and really scary also because we got attacked by some T-rexes, but we killed them, because we're awesome dinosaur hunters like that.  We also played a Fast and the Furious racing game and I actually won!  It was especially exciting because I always lose at racing games, and because G loves cars and driving.  I got 4th place and he got 8th.  We also played Skee Ball, which I had never played before.  It was pretty fun except the machines stopped displaying our score at the end, after this picture was taken.

So we had to shift to the machines on the far left and I didn't realize it before we swiped our card to play, but all of the balls on my machine were stuck in the orange ring.  So I had to sneakily climb up the skee ball machine to retrieve them while nobody was looking.  And then two of them got stuck while I was playing and I had to walk up and get them again.  And we played a bunch of other games too, but those ones were the most fun.  And I had a blast.  It was my best birthday so far.  I snapped these pictures on the way out.

You can't really tell in the picture but there's tons of electricity shooting through this

there's electricity shooting through this too; you can see it a little bit
And then we went back to G's house and had mixed drinks, which consisted of cranberry juice and ginger ale, and watched The Simpsons.  Oh yeah, and I bought a 1 dollar scratch ticket and it won me back my dollar.  So it ended up being the best birthday ever.  And I forgot to mention it but G started singing the Spider-Pig song from The Simpsons Movie while we were waiting for our food and I joined in.  I knew there was a reason I loved him : )


  1. Happee Birfday! :D

    Aw gee, now you've got me excited about joining 20SB this October. I had forgotten all about that! (Although I remember being disappointed that I couldn't join when I first started blogging.) Sooo, is it worth all the hype?

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! When I turned 20 it was such a relief to no longer be a teen :)

    Add me on 20sb!

  3. @Ellen I don't know yet. I'm waiting for them to email me that I'm approved to join. I think they just have to make sure that my blog is legit and not a porn site or something.

  4. Looks very fun!

    I'm following you by google!



  5. Happy Birthday, if a bit late. I am excited for joining twenty-something bloggers in a couple of months (March). That's about the only exciting thing about my 20th though.

  6. Happy Birthday! Just saw your new stuff on Etsy, the paper boat jewelry is super cute!


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