Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fashion: New Year's Resolution Style

Remember my bucket list? Well some of those are actually things I would like to acclompish this year, New Year's Resolutions perhaps (I don't really like to call things that, because then I fail at them).  The thing that I am really working on right now is learning how to walk in heels.  I didn't tell you guys this but I am going to be a bridesmaid for the wedding of the girl who was my best friend when we were in high school.  So I would like to learn to walk in heels by then, which would be September.  Ideally, I would like to learn to walk in heels way before then because I really like my heels.  Of course my feet don't like them, because they're not used to wearing them.  But I've been wearing them all day until my feet hurt when I'm at home, and so far I'm doing alright.  A few stumbles here and there, but not much worse than when I walk around barefoot.  So here is me wearing my "New Year's Resolution" heels.  And bear with me, because my automatic shutter release hasn't arrived yet.

Shirt and lacey tanktop under the shirt are from Goodwill.  Jeans and heels are from Crossroads Trading Co.  And I'm starting out wearing socks with them so I don't get blisters and other fun stuff besides them just hurting my feet.  And just so you know, these pictures make the heels look shorter than they actually are.  They're 4 inches.  It's basically the equivalent of teaching someone to swim by throwing them into the deep end, only without the possibility of drowning.

In other news, the "u" key on my laptop keyboard is being slightly harder to push lately, and it's been driving my OCD crazy.

And, in more exciting news, I got some pretty much free belts on eBay.  I earned about $4 in eBay bucks from my Christmas shopping, and I found three skinny "leather" belts for 99 cents each, with free shipping, which I snapped up.  There's one yellow, one red, and one orange.  I love it when I get stuff for free, or nearly free.  They're basically letting me spend the same money twice.


  1. I'd bite the bullet and lose the socks - yes your feet will blister, but later your feel will be tougher and it won't hurt as much. Plus socks may stretch the shoes out.

    Unfortunately when it comes to heels - beauty is pain :S Get a pair of fast flats to carry in your purse and put them on during your friend's reception.

  2. Wearing socks with your heels when you wear them around the house will definitely help break them in! Love your Goodwill finds :)


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