Sunday, January 1, 2012

Because Oral Surgery is a Great Way to Ring in the New Year

I have an abcess on my lower gum.  It's been there since Christmas.  From Christmas until now, it has gotten bigger and more painful.  It has also receded the gum on the tooth above it.  The really fun part is that is right against the membrane that connects my lower lip to my lower gum, so it hurts to smile and open my mouth.  So I went to a dentist for people who don't have insurance.  And I waited forever, because it's actually a dentist for children, but they do see people with dental emergencies as well, even if they are not children.  But they do not set appointments for said emergencies.  The people who have dental emergencies have to come sit in the waiting room and wait to see if someone might cancel and they can get in.  Also, their website doesn't mention that they are closed from 12 to 1 for lunch.  So G drove me there and I was informed that I would have to come back after 1 (It was 11:30 at the time.)  So I went to the Ave and did some very successful, unplanned shopping, which I will share the rather exciting results of tomorrow.  Then I caught the bus back to the dentist and waited for 4 hours before finally being seen.  The chairs were not very comfortable in the waiting room, especially since I have scoliosis.  The dentist took x-rays 4 times, because their computer kept freezing so they had to redo them 3 times.  Then they referred me to a specialist.  I still have to set up the appointment for that.  They gave me an idea of what the specialist will do.  Either cut the membrane, drain the abcess, and do a surgery to add more gum to cover the root on my tooth OR drain the abcess, pull the tooth, and then I'd have to get braces on my bottom teeth to close the gap.  So that's what I have to look forward to this year. Wheeee.

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