Friday, January 20, 2012

Coming Soon

My Etsy shop grand opening should be sometime next week.  We had lots of snow on Wednesday and then an ice storm yesterday, so my surgery today got canceled.  They're going to call to reschedule sometine next week.  I have been trying to make lots of jewelry, which G refers to as my "sweat shop".  I made 13 rings the first day.  Yesterday was not quite as productive.  I struggled with the chains on a bracelet I was making and they just wouldn't lie right, but I finally got it.  So I made a total of two bracelets and a pair of Pac Man earrings that day.  Sadly it took me at least four hours.  I also hit my head on a wing nut attached to the ceiling above G's bed and now I have a huge bump on my head.  I'm used to being able to stand up on my bed at home, because it's not so much a bed as it is a mattress and box spring on the floor.  So anyway, productivity should increase and I should be able to open my shop next week.  Technically re-open, since I already have had it for about four months. 

Also after reading this series on working for yourself, I have decided to set up a Twitter account, so I'll let you all know once I do that.  I have managed to resist Twitter so far, but I think it's important to have it so I can get more business.  I just need to figure out how it works now.  I know about hash tags, but that's it, so if any of you have things that you wish you had known about when you first started using Twitter, I'd love it if you'd tell me them.

And to close, here's a sneak peek of my business cards, which I made myself and painstakingly cut out with an Exacto knife.  There are 156 of them.  It took a while.

Another update: I think I'm sort of addicted to Twitter already.  I need to make a personal account though and stop tweeting like a mad woman on my business promotion account.

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