Monday, January 23, 2012

I Love Mail

I came back from my five days snowed in at G's to find 7 packages waiting for me on my bed! SEVEN!  They were all things that I had ordered in the mail, off either Etsy or Ebay, and it was very exciting.  I opened them all up and got 2 skinny leather belts, one red and one orange, (which were free with my Ebay bucks), my automatic camera shutter release, floral lace tights which will be featured in Friday's fashion post, some skull charms for jewelry making, and 500 eyepins (also for jewelry making), and two boxes of Manic Panic temporary hair dye which I ordered from Hot Topic with the remainder of my gift card from my birthday last year.  I'm really excited about the last one because dying my hair a bright color is one of my bucket list items; even if it's only temporarily, it still counts.  And then I took a shower.  And my roommate's friend was here and when I got down showering, she handed me five more packages! So much mail my brain nearly ceased to function.  But I was good and went to Safeway and bought some junk food to earn my boyfriend the 10 cents off per gallon gas reward, since he drives and I don't.  And now I'm back and about to open the other packages.  I'm opening them as I type, so it will be almost like you're here, except without you all having to crowd into my tiny room.  I'll open them from biggest to smallest.  The first one is more jewelry charms that I ordered from Ebay.  There are Jack Skellington heads and the cutest little brightly colored deer.  The second is a phone case I ordered for G for 1 dollar on Ebay.  The third thing is a super cute polka dot ruffle necklace from this girl.  I love her blog and she's so cool.  The fourth thing is something I ordered from Sephora.  Sephora is a little pricey for me, but the three free samples and the free birthday gift made the price worth it.  They were out of two of the samples I ordered so I ended up receiving a dark circle correcting eye cream sample, a collagen booster sample, and a bright eyes eye cream sample.  There was also a coupon code I used for a free mascara.  I ordered the instant nail polish remover because it seems like it will save me lots of time removing nail polish.  I also received the birthday cake shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath as my free birthday gift.  There was a choice between that and sugar lips lipstick and I already have enough lip stuff.  The fifth and final package is from Woody and it's my thrift store pen pal surprise package.  I'll write about it in its own post.  If you don't read Woody's blog, you definitely should because he's hilarious.  Spoiler alert: the package from him is super awesome and not politically correct.  So you can look forward to that.

In other news, I am going to start posting every other day instead of every single day, maybe only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I'm honestly really surprised with how long I managed to keep up posting every single day.  I just need to dedicate more time to the business I'm starting.


  1. Getting packages in the mail is definitely one of the Best Things Ever. :D

    Also, guess what? I'm going to return to my poor, sad, abandoned blog by the end of this month and actually write something again!!! And I owe you a HUUUUUGE thank you because, well, I was wondering how on earth I was going to start off this revival post. And then I re-read some comments. And I saw your suggestion for a post title way back when. And it works perfectly and I am TOTALLY GOING TO USE IT.

    You are AWESOME!

  2. Yay, I feel so important and yet I have no idea what I suggested. But I look forward to your return to Bloggyland.

  3. Woo hoo!!

    By the way, you get LOTS of mail. I'm jealous.

  4. Woody, that's the most mail I have ever gotten at one time. I wish I always got that much mail. Or maybe like once a month I got that much mail. But it was cool because it was like an entire pile of early birthday presents.


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