Friday, March 30, 2012

What You Missed

Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen and people who actually read my blog, for a very picture heavy post.  These are the things I did during the time I took off from blogging, while housesitting for G, without internet.

walked around without pants on, which I can't do at my place since I have roommates

learned a new hairstyle

took silly pictures in G's new full-length ginormous mirror

more silly pictures

more silly pictures

got my new super adorable $1 bunny earrings from eBay

took more silly pictures; you can see in this one how I have to duct tape
the battery door on my camera shut, but it doesn't always work

enjoyed some spring weather complete with blue skies

ate some yummy Lean Cusine and made lots of tasty smoothies

admired G's awesome dino mug

Not pictured: watched about a billion and one romantic comedies, ate lots of ice cream, was able to connect to an unsecured internet network for only about 5 minutes a day before it kicked me off and wouldn't allow me on until the next day, walked 24 blocks when it wasn't quite as warm outside as it appeared to be, got food poisoning from some Lean Cuisine and was miserable, didn't get to read blogs, finished two books.

And guess what else? G came back from his first ever trip to Vegas with $25 more than he left with!  He did pretty well at blackjack.  Oh, and my wrist is all better now : )


  1. Nice! I like all the silliness! Although it sucks being without internet and stuck somewhere other than home, it's kind of fun because you end up doing things you don't normally do. Or at least it feels different. Food poisoning is no bueno though :(

  2. Cute hairdo! I wish I knew how to braid my own hair.

    When Ben's away, I watch romantic comedies. I don't know why. In one weekend when he was away, I watched Monster In Law, Baby Mama, When in Rome, and a bunch of other silly movies. I have no idea why...

  3. @Tsaritsa: Thanks. The hairdo is super easy because it's not even braided. You just take two strands from by your ear, twist them together, then pin them across your head by your other ear. I'm normally not into rom coms, but when G's away, I turn into a rom com-aholic. It's weird too, because he actually likes them. We just never watch them together.

  4. Bahahaha I definitely do the same thing! Walk around without pants on, that is. And only during the sporadic times when I don't have roommates... right now my old roommates have both moved out and I'm waiting for a new one to move in. =]


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