Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love Yourself 2012

I have no idea if this is already a thing or not, but if it isn't it should be.  I need to focus on the positive things about myself instead of the negative ones.  And there are a ton of things I hate about my body, believe me.  G recently said that I have such a great body, I should be a bikini barista.  While I don't plan on becoming a bikini barista ever, I guess I do have a pretty great body.  So I have decided to love myself for how I look and not judge myself for not looking the way I think I should.  I'm not going to tag anyone in this post or anything, but if you do want to participate, you can either post about this on your own blog or just leave me a comment saying at least one thing you love about your body.  This is by means for girls only.  Guys can participate too.  I'll  go first: I love my long strong legs.  Your turn.


  1. Great idea! I'm pretty comfortable with most all of my body, most of the time, but for me it's gotta be my hair. :)

  2. Oh man, that's a tough one. I think I'll need to hit the gym first and then participate. But for now, it would be... maybe my face? I need to work on that more :D but your idea is great. and yeah, your legs are fantastic!


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