Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Back and I'm Busy

First off  some exciting news: my roommate has amazingly offered to take some of my jewelry with her to try to sell it at Artist's Alley at Sakuracon.  My wrist has now healed completely so I can make jewelry again, and G was getting rid of an incredible old pocketwatch that no longer works, and I have plans to turn it into a cool steampunk necklace or 2.  Today I  am super busy.  I am doing my laundry right now (no more free laundry since G's new place doesn't come with washer and dryer).  I already went to Safeway and the bank to get a roll of quarters.  I have an appointment to get my hair cut at 2 today.  It's the first professional hair cut I've had in three years, so I'm actually kind of nervous, but also excited.  I always used to just chop it all off myself, but then I realized that short hair makes me look like a guy.  No bueno.  So I am growing it long and my hair is ridiculously thick, so I need to get it layered and my split ends trimmed off.  Hopefully not a drastic change.  Also today, I need to make a birthday card for my brother, whose birthday was yesterday.  He already completed boot camp for the Marines and a few days ago, he finished basic training.  Next up is recon training, which is what he wants to specialize in.  I'll need to mail that, along with a surprise package for one of my blogger friends.  I also need to repost the Craigslist ad that we need a roommate, since evry girl we talked to about it quickly fell off the face of the earth.  In my mind, it's just polite to tell people whose place you say you're REALLY interested in, if you found another place and are no longer interested.  And as if that wasn't enough, I also need to list some stuff for sale on eBay.  And probably eat some food at some point.  I haven't had time to edit my new pictures yet, so please accept this video as a peace offering.  I just discovered this girl and she's hilarious.

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  1. Eating some food is probably a good idea... just sayin'... :) And good luck with your jewelry! Hope your friend is able to sell LOTS!


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