Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Make Yummy Food

I feel like I should tell you guys that I have a wrist brace on my dominant hand, so it's really hard to type right now.  It sucks because it's putting my Etsy stuff on hold until it heals.  And I can't take pictures either.  Since my camera's battery door pretty much needs to be held shut with one hand while pushing the button with the other hand, that's basically impossible now.

Anyway, G is a culinary genius more or less.  I wanted a McChicken from McDonald's on Friday (Don't judge me).  G suggested that I make my own variation instead since we have some chicken in the freezer that needs used up.  So I did, and they were so delicious that we both wanted them again for lunch the next day.  So I made them again.  First, a picture of the finished product.

with sweet potato fries and this delicious vintage looking cream soda that I just discovered at Safeway
How to make the "Awesome Burger" (G named it):

First you take some thawed chicken.  You tenderize it and then cut it into the size that will fit onto a bun.  Set up a breading station which means you need one dish with an egg and a little bit of milk whisked together until it's smooth, then in the other dish put: enough flower to bread however much chicken you're making, some garlic powder, some salt and pepper, and some basil flakes (I never measure and you could actually use any spices you want, those are just the ones I used).  Mix the dry ingredients together until it's fairly well blended.  You can use a fork or your hands for that.  It just needs mixed enough that there aren't any places with way too much seasoning.  Dip your chicken piece into the egg mixture on both sides.  Then dip it into the flour mixture until it's fairly well coated on both sides.  Put it in a frying pan with a little olive oil (or vegetable oil).  Then you fry it until the chicken is fully cooked all the way through, which means that you have to flip it after a while.  What we did with it after that was put it on a toasted onion bun with a little mayo, then top it with lettuce, tomato, and pepper jack cheese.  It was delicious like that, but you can use whatever toppings and condiments you want.  And that's it.  Enjoy.

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  1. Yum! My friend and I make these sometimes, but we're lazy and just use the chicken patties you can heat in the oven.


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