Sunday, March 18, 2012

Product Review: ELF Eyeshadow

Remember how ages and ages ago I got some makeup for cheap from E.L.F. and told you I would review it at some point?  Well, now is finally that time.

Here's the palette which cost me $10 and contains 85 total products consisting of
60 eyeshadows, 20 lip colors, 3 blushes, and 2 bronzers 

here's what the eyeshadow looks like as part of a complete look,
which I usually don't do because of my difficulties using eyeliner

this is what I normally do, eyeshadow and mascara, no eyeliner

I took this picture after dark (boo), so you can't see that much contrast between
the orange eyeshadow and how weirdly orange the lights in my room made my skin look

Overall I am very pleased with the E.L.F. eyeshadow in general and this palette in particular.  I would buy it again in the future, but I have so much that I won't need to for a long while.  It is highly pigmented and doesn't take much.  I usually do three "coats" for each eyelid (I'm not a beauty reviewer so I have no idea what the proper term is).  This palette contains lots of different shades of each color which makes doing your eyeshadow really easy.  I usually do one color for my entire eyelid, then either a darker shade or different color on the outer corners for depth.  You can't tell from my pictures, but when I did the orange eyeshadow, I did pink on the outer corners and it looked really cool.  It lasts all day (for me anyway) without finishing spray, which is great because it makes it easy to wear and you don't have to worry about it.  Also, spoiler alert: I'm pretty happy with most of the E.L.F. products I've purchased.  E.L.F. has eyeshadows for every budget, including a 100 eyeshadow palette for $10 and a 144 piece palette for $15, as well as smaller palettes including eyeshadow duos for $1 each and a 32 piece palette for $5.  So once again the verdict is that I would purchase eyeshadow from E.L.F. again and I would recommend it to others as well.  I purchased these products with my own money and was not compensated by E.L.F. in any way for writing this post.

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