Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Look Same Me

While you were gone, or rather while I was gone (I didn't go anywhere, I just didn't have Internet), I got my bifocals in the mail.  I love them and all their purple leopard printed goodness.  I also got the first professional haircut I've had in three years.  It makes me feel sophisticated and grown up.  So here are pictures of those things.

Now I have to go catch the bus in the pouring rain to ride 2 hours to (hopefully my last) gum follw-up appointment.  I plan to eat teryiaki afterward and then buy some lottery tickets for G, because he gave me money to do that with and he's determined we're going to win the Mega Millions.


  1. Wow-ee, very nice! (Both the glasses and the haircut; they look great!)

    Also: please excuse my verging-on-stalker behavior as I catch up on all your posts I've missed, lol.

  2. Thanks Ellen. And thanks so much for all the nice and not at all stalkerish comments. I missed your avatar face on my blog.


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