Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fashion: A Hippy Punk Outfit and Some New Clothes

If I were to describe my personal style, I would say that I like to wear more feminine things with more edgy things, usually things that most people wouldn't put together.  G calls my style "Hippy Punk" and I think that is a pretty accurate term for it.  Before I show you this outfit that a wore a couple of weeks ago, let me inform you that G's reaction was to tell me that it's exactly the sort of thing I would wear, immediately followed by, "You need a new outfit."  Boys.

I didn't edit this picture and that is my right as an American citizen. So deal with it.
Also, that empty soda box was my ex-roommates. This is from before the move.

Look at this photo that was accidentally zoomed in when I thought
it was zoomed out all the way.  I'm so accidentally artsy.

Here you can see my shirt better.  So many instruments on it, but I only
play one of them, unless there's a flute somewhere I didn't see.

And the new flats which make this outfit lean much more to the feminine side.

Another gem of a fashion comment from G, about my new plaid Airwalks in fantastic bright colors: "Those are the cutest ugly shoes I've ever seen."  When I asked him what he meant, he said that he wouldn't wear them.  I said I hoped not because they're clearly girl shoes and even have a some pink stripes in the plaid.  He said it was a light purple stripe.  It's not; it's pink, magenta to be exact.

And here are the lovely new (to me) clothes that I bought when I was visiting my family.

My mom found me this amazing little black lace dress at a yard sale for just $2!  And she bought it for me after I tried it on over my clothes.  And it fits me perfectly!!!  I found this blazer at Salvation army.  I think it also cost me a whole $2, and it's like new.  I found these jeans at a yard sale.  The owner never wore them because they were too long for her, and they were skinny jeans so she couldn't hem them.  They cost me a whole 50 cents.  For brand new jeans.  That have awesome studded details and fit me really well.


  1. wow, you're so good at finding deals. I haven't been to a yard sale in forever... I should really start paying attention to those signs on the side of the street.

    As for G's comments... sigh. boys.

    1. I get my deal-finding genes from my mom. She's always been amazing at it. I hadn't been to yard sales for two whole years! It was about time I went to some.

  2. Love the yard sale scores, and happy that G isn't sneaking off with your new kicks. That would be awkward :P

    1. Luckily for me, they're one half-size to small for him anyway. So he couldn't even if he wanted to.

    2. My HS boyfriend used to borrow my hoodies and stretch them out. drove me crazy.

  3. I love that shirt with the instruments! So cute!


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