Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And then I was a Mechanic

A few days ago G's custom grill that he ordered for his car arrived in the mail.  He likes to not have his car be recognizable at all and this was the last step in that.  The car insignia was on the original grill and this one is just plain flat black.  Now his car is much more mysterious.  Of course I helped him install his new grill, because it was a two person job.  I helped him install his new fuel sensor a little bit ago, so I'm basically a mechanic now.  Also worthy of note is the fact that this past weekend, I had to pack only skirts for lower body wear, since all of my shorts needed washed and it was too warm for pants.  So I was pretty much the girliest mechanic ever, getting my hands all greasy in a floral skirt.  The really funny part is what we used to mark where to drill the holes in the grill.  For those of you who aren't familiar with grills, I should inform you that the space behind it, at least on G's kind of car which is a secret, is very small.  First we tried marking it with chalk, but it didn't really fit.  Next we tried my pocketknife, which is really more of a purse knife because I keep it in my purse, but it didn't fit either.  So then we got creative.  First we tried dipping a toothpick in mayonnaise because it was the highest contrast thing we could use that wouldn't destroy the drill.  But it was too greasy and didn't mark well enough.  So next we tried nail polish.  We were at G's mom's house because we had to borrow her drill and the only color she had was pink.  It actually worked perfectly.  We drilled all the holes and attached it and it fit perfectly.  So that's the story of how I worked on a car, while wearing a floral skirt, with mayonnaise and pink nail polish.

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