Monday, July 30, 2012

That One Time We Nearly Got Attacked by a Crackhead

Words in parentheses are paraphrased because I like this blog to be family-friendly.  On Saturday night, G made a quick trip to the convenience store.  I rode along but planned to just stay in the car because I didn't want to get anything.  G was counting out his change before he went in because he is one of those rare people who likes to use correct change but not waste people's time.  As he was counting out his change, this homeless looking sketchy guy came around to my side of the car and asked G if he could give him 50 cents.  G asked him if it was for beer and the dude said yes.  G told the guy that it's illegal to buy beer for others when you don't know if they're legal drinking age.  The dude gets upset and claims to be a lawyer and says that is (completely ridiculous).  G tells the dude to back off or he'll call the cops.  The dude starts walking away and G gets out his phone and calls the cops.  We're describing what the dude was wearing when he comes back.  He runs at the front of G's car and G thankfully drops his phone to the floor before the dude can see it.  The dude asks G if he called the cops on him.  And he asks this in a very loud and angry tone.  G says no man, we're cool.  And the dude says, good, because if you did I'd break your (fantastic) windshield.  To prove his point he makes a fist right next to G's face.  Then he walks away and G completes his phone call with the cops and tells them what direction the dude walked away in.  I immediately locked all the doors and rolled up all the windows.  We left and went past the dude who was still walking on the same street.  When we got back to G's apartment, I was still shaking so badly that I spilled almost an entire big bag of Reese's Pieces on the table and floor.  Good thing I managed to pick them all up before the 15 second rule was over.


  1. Oh wow, that's scary! Glad you are safe. You never know how people react....And I love the 15 second rule. :) So funny! Never heard about it before I came to America.

  2. That's terrifying! I'm glad you guys are okay though (and there were no windshield casualties). Working in a gas station/convenience store, I get that kind of stuff all the time. We had a guy arrested a couple weeks ago because he was begging for beer money outside in our parking lot. When the customers refused, he would threaten them. I finally lost it when he made one of our regular female customers cry. It was ridiculous.

  3. "Your (fantastic) windshield" is probably my favorite part. Love your writing style!


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