Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tales from the Porch

On Monday I fully intended to go out and get IMPORTANT STUFF done, including finding a flapper dress at Goodwill for G's friend's wedding, which we just found out is 20s themed.  But then social phobia had other plans, so instead I stayed inside and listed jewelry in my Etsy shop all day and talked to exactly no people.  Yesterday, social phobia was gone again and I went out and got IMPORTANT STUFF done, not including flapper dress shopping, but including picking up job applications.  When I got back my room was dreadfully hot so I put my stuff away and went to the breezy shady front porch to do my job applications.  And then there were people on the porch.  It was Old Drunk Guy and Supposedly Anti-social Guy.  I said hi and then tackled my job applications like a boss.  Then I started to eat my peach that I had purchased from Safeway as a refreshing summer treat.  And you guys, it tasted like a bland juiceless apple.  I was so disappointed!  I couldn't even finish half of it before having to throw it away.  I think that Supposedly Anti-social Guy has a crush on me.  For one thing, when he first got to the porch, he was carrying his own chair.  But then he put it down on the other side of the porch and sat in the chair right next to me instead.  He talked to me a lot.  He told lots of really corny jokes, many which I had heard before, but I laughed politely anyway.  Some of them were corny but actually pretty good wordplay so I actually liked them.  He asked me what music I like and he heartily approved.  Then he asked me which authors I enjoy and I told him that Dean Koontz is my favorite.  He said he likes him too and recommended Teri Pratchet (I have no idea if I spelled that right and my laptop is being too slow to Bing it right now), so I'll check her out at some point.  He offered me beer, which I politely declined, then later rum, which I also declined.  He asked me if I had a fake ID because he and some of the other people who live in the building were going to a karaoke thing, but it's 21 and over.  I do not have a fake ID.  I am just 5 months short of 21, but probably could not even remotely pass for 21.  I look closer to 18 or maybe even 16.  Supposedly I will appreciate this when I'm older but right now I do not.  I met some other house people, one of the two other females in the house of about 30 people, who invited me to a movie night she's having in her room soon.  One guy who is nicknamed Captain America.  One guy who Old Drunk Guy was teasing about not having chest hair and then No Chest Hair Dude went on to tell everyone about how he shaves all of his body hair including manscaping.  (Note that he was also not drinking at all.)  So that was a little bit too much information for everyone.  Then we heard about the frat next door having one of their hookahs stolen.  That whole thing got resolved after the frat guy came over and asked to talk to our building manager, who then watched their poor quality security footage of someone climbing over the at least 6 foot tall fence, grabbing the hookah and then climbing back over the fence with it.  It turns out that it wasn't even one of the people in our building.  One of the guys in our building dared his very drunk friend to do it, so he did.  They gave it back with some beers and then the frat guys were happy again.

Today started out with having to call DSHS at 8 because I never received my food stamps this month.  I had to wait on hold for a while, but then they told me that a paper I sent them was never recorded.  They had the paper, so it was an easy fix, and I'll get my food stamps tomorrow.  That was followed by checking my email and finding out that I made my 8th Etsy sale!  That always puts me in a happy mood for the rest of the day at the very least.  Today is my (hopefully last) periodontist follow-up appointment.  From my new place, I don't even have to transfer busses to get there!  So what was once a two hour or longer round-trip, not including the actual check-up time, will now be about an hour.  So that's really exciting.  And then we I get back,  I'll ship the Etsy order and turn in my job applications.  And lastly, since you were so good and read the whole thing, here are some random pictures.

My mother is amazing at plant stuff. Our big old tree died and got cut down,
so she turned the stump into an awesome planter for flowers!

When I was 12, I was in a biker gang.  No, just kidding, my mom's relative visited from Michigan and we took her to this viewpoint
where you can see Mt. St. Helens, and all of these bikers pulled up and parked.  They were headed to a biker rally on the other side of the country and stopped in here to eat and walk around a bit and use the restroom and all that jazz.  This particular bike belonged to an ex-firefighter and he had scenes of 9-11 painted on every single part of his bike.  It was amazing.  And he let me sit on it!
Later that year, we saw him on it in our parade and he recognized me and gave me a hug.

another really cool plant thing, our family friend painted all these flowerpots the same color, then drilled a hole in each flowerpot, then put a big piece of rebar through them all and planted flowers in them. The top one is a birdbath.  I love how whimsical it looks.


  1. Congrats on the etsy sale and on meeting lots of new people!

    I love the creative planters. They're super cute.

  2. Your bike gang photo is adorable :)

    I get bouts of social anxiety and don't want to leave the house either. It's bad, but I'm glad you're getting the job apps done. And so nice that you have a porch to chill on. Man, I wish I had one of those just about every day. I wouldn't even mind sharing it with neighbors...

  3. Congratulations on your Etsy sale!

    Looking young can be annoying, but it gets more fun as you get older. My brothers and I play a game called "will we get carded this time?" when we go out. I always get carded and I'm the oldest, while my youngest brother almost never does and he only turned 21 a few months ago!

  4. I love this post , so interesting and wonderful pix too..

  5. It's Terry Pratchett and he is a guy. And his stuff is pretty awesome, it's fantasy but in a humorous kind of way. My fave of his is the Nome trilogy ("Truckers", "Diggers" and "Wings".)

    Also I still find it weird that legal drinking age is 21 in the US. When I turn 21 next year I will have been able to drink for 3 years! And you should be thankful you look younger than you are, apparently I look like I'm in my late twenties!


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