Monday, July 16, 2012

No New Pictures

I had to ship my camera to the camera hospital, aka Nikon Service Center, so there won't be any new photos that I've taken until I get it back.  I'm just as sad about that as you are.  On Friday I made this super cool photo manipulation for a girl on Etsy.  I'm still waiting to hear back from her if she likes it.  Can you guess what famous city's skyline this is?

On Friday night, I was hanging out on the porch and got invited to a "barbecue" thrown by the "Jesus House" down the block.  Almost everyone from the porch was going.  G came to pick me up for the weekend and they invited him too.  So we came back at the time they said they would be walking over, which was 30 minutes after it started.  G brought over some beer for the people who hang out on the porch and then they instantly liked him.  We all ended up going to the party a very fashionable 2 hours late.  It wasn't actually a barbecue.  There were really yummy sandwiches and chips and brownies.  We played board games.  G and I were on a team for Scrabble and we won because we are awesome.  I made some new friends and handed out every single one of my Etsy shop business cards in my business card holder except for two.  It was really fun, but also very tiring for me.  I get tired if I have too much human interaction in one day.  So once we got back to G's house, I went straight to bed.  Then on Saturday we went to the Wedgwood Art Fair, which was walking distance from G's house.  It was way smaller than the Bellevue Art Fair, which we went to last year, but still really fun.  We ended up staying for about an hour.  They gave us each a free reusable bag, since Seattle has banned plastic bags now because we are just soooooo eco-friendly.  There were tons of chicken things and G wanted all of them, but he only bought a few chicken magnets for his fridge, which he actually needed.  Well he needed magnets anyway, not necessarily chicken magnets.  Then yesterday we went on a mission to find his stuff for his best friend's 20s themed wedding (which I just learned is going to be on a beach, so I need to thrift some sandals).  We went to the big Goodwill, Value Village, the small Goodwill, Payless Shoe Source, and Red Light, which is a vintage store right by the small Goodwill.  He ended up finding his suspenders and fedora at Red Light.  He also needed sandals, so he got those at Payless.  Also exciting: G will never wear the fedora except for that one time, so I get it after that : )  And worth noting, G called me a hipster yesterday, so that happened.  Not as an insult or anything, just as a statement.  I don't think I am a hipster, because part of my definition of hipster includes a condescending attitude, which I do not have.  He got back to his place and tried everything on together and decided that he looks like an accordion player.  I thought he looked good, but he thought he looked dorky.  Then we went to Redbox and rented 21 Jump Street with a free code we won from 7-11's summer giveaway thing.  We were too sleepy to watch it that night though, because we had to watch The Simpsons and Family Guy, so we're going to watch it tonight after the Team USA basketball game.  And today I need to find a flapper dress and sandals, because I am an awesome girlfriend and am sparing G from having to wait for me to try on a bunch of stuff.  After that, I have to go to the mall and give my resume to a store that I saw was hiring yesterday.  But first, I need a nap.

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  1. Good luck on your flapper outfit hunt, Jay!

    10 points for winning at scrabble- best feeling ever.


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