Monday, July 23, 2012

Where to Eat in Seattle: Broiler Bay Burgers

G and I tried this new (to us) restaurant on Saturday, and it was so good that if I could eat there every single day I would.  But alas, I am poor.  One of G's co-workers gave him a bunch of coupons and one of them was for buy one get one free at Broiler Bay Burgers.  I don't remember if I've mentioned this, but G is a borderline hoarder of coupons.  He always has coupons for various restaurants and rarely uses them before the expiration date.  It turns out that Broiler Bay Burgers has a popular restaurant in Bellevue and opened up a new location in Shoreline, which is much closer to us.  The new location hasn't gotten too popular yet.  Walking in, the restaurant seems like a fast food place: you order at the counter where you pay and seat yourself wherever you want while you wait for your order.  They seemed slightly understaffed (a few of the tables hadn't been wiped off after customers left).  We sat to wait for our order, two 8 inch long Philly Cheesesteaks, G's with fries.  When we picked up our order, it smelled so delicious.  G shared some of his fries and they were so much better than any fast food fries I have ever eaten, maybe one notch below Red Robin fries.  They were not at all greasy, fried to a perfect golden brown, and we couldn't wait until they cooled down to eat them because they were that good.  The Philly Cheesesteaks were easily the best I've ever had, way better than the delicious ones from the Bellevue Art Fair last year.  They were also really filling.  G and I could each only eat half of ours.  I'm having my other half for lunch today.  G had his for dinner that night, but my tummy was being obnoxious with the combination of heat, stress, and hormones, so I only had some broccoli.  The restaurant played quiet classic rock in the background which definitely seals the deal for me.  This restaurant is definitely in my top 5 now.  Right before we left I had to order a milkshake.  I could say it was to write a more complete review, but let's be real here.  Their website said they had hard ice cream milkshakes and had a list of flavors and I am an ice cream-aholic who hasn't had a good, or even mediocre, milkshake in a while, so I had to get one.  I only had room for a few sips right then, but it was so delicious.  I got a small banana shake and they asked me how much banana I wanted, so I said a lot.  I watched the guy scoop out the vanilla ice cream, put in half of an actual banana (none of this flavored syrup nonsense here), pour in some milk, and mix it all up.  It was easily the thickest milkshake I've ever had and so incredibly delicious.  So, in summary, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone who lives in Seattle or plans to visit.  G and I will be going back many many times in the future.

And completely unrelated, I saw this picture on the Seattle Times website in the photo gallery for the Capitol Hill Block Party and I think I would get along great with this girl.  Seriously, a Darth Vader mask, a lightsaber, and Tetris leggings?!  We will be friends.  And her hair looks like it's cool too.

from the Seattle Times photo gallery;
click here to see the other Capitol Hill Block Party fashion


  1. That's my co-worker! We were passing out the lightsabers to promote our company at the Block Party. We had a stormtrooper too.

    1. Seriously?! Tell her that some random blogger on the internet thinks she's awesome. What is your company?


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