Monday, June 25, 2012

Some Things

Thing One: I had a yard sale yesterday and the day before.  I did pretty well and sold most of the stuff I wanted to sell.  But on Saturday, it was very windy and later very rainy.  I had prepared for this by tying a tarp to some trees so I could move everything under if (when) it started raining.  So I had moved everything under including my chair and myself.  I was sitting there reading and the next thing I knew there was a branch with a corner of the tarp tied to it laying next to me and my head hurt really bad.  I stood up and almost fell back down from dizziness.  I called G and he helped me get inside and then moved all of my stuff back inside while I puked. Twice.  All signs pointed to a minor concussion.  He looked at the tree branch and figured out that it broke over my head.  I had blacked out so I don't know if it just hit my head or also hit my neck, but my neck has hurt like crazy and I have been icing it.  I have had two previous neck injuries so I probably re-aggravated one.  I refused to let G call me an ambulance or take me to the emergency room because I was sure that I wasn't going to die and I don't have money for such frivolities unless I'm dying.  He insisted on having me at his apartment where he could watch me.  He also insisted on not letting me go to bed until midnight (I had gotten up super early that morning for the yard sale and was tired before the concussion, but people with concussions can go into comas if they fall asleep.)  After he did let me go to sleep, he woke me up to check on me a bunch during the night.  I love that he's so concerned, but I did not get a good night's sleep.

Thing Two: I am moving.  I thought it would be fine to move my stuff out on July 1st, but I just found out that I need it out by the 30th.  Which means that I need to pack everything and bring it to G's tonight.  And lifting things makes my neck hurt worse, so definitely big fun.

Thing Three: I am abandoning you, my lovely readers, until next Sunday.  Tomorrow my parents are coming to get me and take me back to their place.  My brother just graduated from Marines Humvee training and he is allowed one week of leave before being sent to Japan for two years.  So I definitely want to see him before he leaves.  I will be hanging out with my family and not blogging, but I have temporarily placed an archive list for my blog in the sidebar, in case you miss me too much and want to go back and read some of my old posts.


  1. Oh no! I had a concussion recently and they are so weird. Definitely not fun. Glad G is taking good care of you. He already had my approval but now he definitely does.
    Feel better soon!
    And honestly, you may want to go to an urgent care center or something just to make sure you're not bleeding internally. They can shine lights in your eyes and make sure your brain is going to be groovy.

  2. sorry about your neck injury and the fact that it's overlapping with your move... hope everything goes okay for you!

    Oh the brighter side, I hope you have an amazing time with your family!

  3. Pls do see a doc to check u properly to avoid future complications. I'll really miss u Jay...just for the record, G is a great guy. Have fun with your family.

  4. That sounds like it would have hurt. Hope your ok now. Also having to pay to go to the emergency room must suck! Its so good just being able to walk in and get seen for nothing here, no matter who you are. NHS Rules UK! Ok, I'm done.


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